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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Question about the sticker with all those codes that tell you what your vehicle is and has. Which code tells you interior color?
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    Big custom camper sightings

    1-6-21 on 101 South in Woodland Hills. Really pretty Burgundy Earthroamer. If I were a camper guy...
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    How is your van altered for offroading?

    AWD Chevy Express. Off road tires on original rims and a 2 inch lift. Has worked well out here in the desert.
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    Some questions about AWD Express/Savana

    So far pretty happy with our Express AWD. We live and play in the Mojave. Van goes some surprising places. Ours came with 3.73 gears with limited slip rear. Very helpful. Unlike previous 3/4 ton 4X4 trucks that powered over everything. This guy just bounces along. With bed, fridge, solar...
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    Chevy Express 1500 radiator/cooling help sought

    Was the 1 ton radiator a direct fit bolt it?
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    Chevy Express 1500 radiator/cooling help sought

    Thank you. You are correct and the OP changed.
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    Chevy Express 1500 radiator/cooling help sought

    Vehicle is a 2003 Chevy AWD 1500 Express van 5.3 engine. Problem is when towing my 4,400 pound trailer up long grades the needle moves into the red. What can be done to improve the engine cooling on this van? Guys, I appreciate the suggestions so far but we live, camp and explore in there...
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    Thoughts on used EarthRoamer?

    The only downside I see to an older ER is engine and trans wearing out or failing. On the other hand. The engine and trans are probably the lowest cost items on the rig. My opinion is of course based entirely on supposition. So you probably should not listen to me.
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    Call me old and lazy but when it is raining, snowing or too hot or cold. That pass trough is a winner. I also like the thought that if I wake up in a wildfire or other problem. I am in the drivers seat and gone in less than two blinks of the eye. To each their own.
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Tranmission question. Is the Chevy 4l75e a direct bolt in replacement for the 4l60e?"
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    I have a rear bench that folds flat to a bed. It came out of an 03 Express and is a grey. You can have it if you want it. in A 1 pristine condition and it comes with the seat belts. You can have it if you want it. Just come pick it up. North end of the Antelope Valley. Just shoot me a PM. Only...
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    ROXOR: The Willys CJ3 Reinvented

    While reading about them on the internet. I ran across a company that makes them street legal. In my warped little mind... A little, light diesel "jeep" for under 25 grand is a great deal considering what new jeeps cost. But to each their own.
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    Adventures In The Marvelous Panamint Valley !

    My favorite place to explore and hide out.
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    Extreme use Earthroamer

    Entertaining thread. Some guys here built their own. (That Air Force looking truck and the white one.) but not everyone can nor does everyone want to camp and explore in a Subaru. And for those folks who cannot build their own. Companies have been formed to provide what those folks want. I...