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    Tortuga Offroad - any reviews?

    Can you share the overall weight of each model? I don't see that on the website or ebay listings. Thanks
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    Double barrel shotgun

    I would take a look at the CZ Bobwhite (double-triggers, English stock) and the CZ Sharp-tail (single trigger, pistol grip stock) if looking for a good quality but affordable side-by-side. You're not going to impress anyone who sips Earl Grey while wearing a full tweed hunting outfit, but I...
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    Can the iPad really be used as an out-of-signal range, off-road GPS device?

    Is it possible to simply pair the iPad with an iPhone and use the phone's GPS, or is it a requirement to get a GPS/Cellular enabled iPad? (I want an iPad for other reasons, not just for mapping -- I understand some people like Android devices, I don't [have had plenty], so suggesting one is...
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    2019 Frontier pro - 4x tires question .

    Absolutely. As mentioned earlier, that is the stock size for the Pro-4X. I have a set on my 2014 Pro-4X.
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    We still have a teenager, a pre-teen, and a toddler (w/ rear facing car seat) at home (all girls), and they all fit without issue in the backseat. Granted, the teenager and pre-teen are petite like their mother. If anything, we need more power outlets for charging all the d@mn electronic devices...
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    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    I had no idea they were making these available for sale, and I just bought a set of their Frontier leaf springs and a u-bolt flip kit. With Glamisdude (unfortunately) MIA, this is good news for the Titan Swap community. Just wanted to say Thank You for making me aware of this.
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    Frontier PRO-4X ""Overland"" Build = 7000 km trip

    Nice set up. I like your tailgate modification, have been thinking of doing something like that as well. Enjoy your trip!
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    New to me Xterra...

    Congrats on the new ride, it looks to be in excellent condition.
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    WaterPORT Shower System Review

    Picked up one of these in the recent Costco sale, should be here tomorrow. For mounting options on a flat rack, I noticed that Rago Fabrication recently released a roof rack mount: It's rather expensive at $74.95 but appears to...
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    2011 Frontier SV 4x4

    Nice truck. Can you share your lift numbers for front and rear?
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    New 2014 Xterra Owner- Icedragonmx's trip reports

    Great pics for sure. Some of those hillside shots with what looks like loose gravel were bordering on Code Brown.
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    06' Frontier CC Family adventure build

    I have a 2012 Pro-4x and you're correct that 265/75-16 is the default tire size. I bought my truck used and it came with a new-ish set of Cooper Discoverer ATPs. Very good on-road, decent off-road. I found them to be very loud, though, especially when they started getting worn. I replaced them...
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    06' Frontier CC Family adventure build

    Welcome and congrats on your 'new' truck. Sounds like you already have a solid idea of what direction to take it in. Here's a few random tips that might be of use: In case you don't know, the 2005-2010 model Frontiers (and XTerras?) had an issue that could result in transmission/radiator cross...
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    Shrockworks Frontier Front Bumper

    I think you'll be okay with mounting as Shrockworks lists all the 2nd Gen Frontier parts as being for 2005-current year models. The frame mounting points should be the same, I'm almost certain that hasn't changed. If you have the two-piece front end, I believe you can simply remove the lower...
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    A Return to the Mayan Jungle in a Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 SWB (Shorty) TD42

    "Have fun stormin' da castle!" Looking forward to following this one. Safe journey.