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    2006 Mitsubishi Fuso Mason dump 4x4 fg $18,000 100k in CT

    Ask about past frame repairs and rust. Pretty sure this is the same truck I flew back east to check out over a year ago. I had had several very encouraging conversations on the phone with the owner, enough to warrant flying out to see it in person. Got all the way there only to find that a...
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    Range hood vents

    Is the Broan available in 12 volts? Or are you running it off an inverter?
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    Yes, it seems that just making a best guess and seeing how it works out is what people do. Which I find surprising -- I would've thought there'd at least be some sort of general rule of thumb by now, along the lines of "for every 1k lbs. of weight, add X to your spring compression rate" or...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    Excellent. What led you to decide on the 8" of length? And any concerns about corrosion?
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    I get it -- it's a complex problem, especially if a dead nuts answer is the goal. But I'm thinking one isn't. There's likely an acceptable ballpark, within which one will be fine, and I'm just looking for info on how to get to said ballpark. There are, after all, thousands of self-built...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    But this is a hypothetical scenario, so the camper is effectively done, and hypothetically weighs 5000 pounds. I agree with using a "best guess" approach as a starting point and working from there, so I guess I what I'm really asking is where/how to start the best guessing. On that...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    Resurrecting this thread to hopefully get some insight on how to choose the right springs for my subframe. McMaster-Carr has tons of options, as someone indicated above: As has been stated, I realize that there is no...
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    cracking solar panel mounts

    Maybe you over-torqued the screws? Flat washers may have helped too.
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    EarthCruiser/Fuso Driving Experience from a Sportsmobile Perspective

    Let's see here -- after two whole weeks, two perfectly constructive responses suggesting the alternative view, fueled by real-world experience no less, and neither one even remotely "all riled up" or "attacking like rabid dogs." Your "Right on queue" seems a stretch. Might I suggest...
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    NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

    The Monstaliner turned out great. Congrats -- I know from personal experience how much work it is to do this well... Is that color "Desert Sand?" Rolled or sprayed?
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    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Beautiful stuff, @IdaSHO. Question -- I realize you did multiple passes with different colors in order to get these graphics, and so I'm assuming that no one color actually covers the whole box, but hypothetically, if one wanted to monstaline a box of roughly similar size with just a single...
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    Nothing but a big tease...
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    2200 watts of solar on the roof?

    An array that large will be a lot more cost-effective and simple using 24volt panels. You can get single panels in the 300-400 watts range, so you need fewer panels, which means a much simpler mounting solution, much less wiring, the panels are cheaper per watt, charge controller will be a lot...
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    Q: What's the purpose of this part...?

    Possibly a dumb question...but in the pictures below, what is the horizontal bar thingie that's on the side of these two boxes towards the rear? I assume it's for mounting something, but I can't find any photos of trucks that show anything mounted to them.