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    New off Road pop up camper

    What a beautiful trailer!! Any plans on building a model that isn't a pop top?
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    Off Grid Trailers New Summit Model:

    When I lived ther I used to like to camp at lake pleasant in the summer to fish and dive.
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    Is there something between a teardrop and a regular caravan?

    I would love to see more pics of these, things like power center, interior, and definitely a walk around video review.
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    Hiker / Lead Dog Trailer Owners Post Up

    Noveske. Such a quality rifle!!
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    Off Grid Trailers New Summit Model:

    What are you talking about? I thought all of my posts on the forum were more than civil tongued. By the way I am serious and you don't warrant a call if you can't meet my needs. Where is this dirty laundry mentioned or stated on the web? Again, what is the status of the Summit which is...
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    Az On/Off Road Trailer Dealer/Broker: Lead Dog Motorsports

    Yes, I think the in stock thing is a big plus business wise. I would imagine the situation that unfolded with Inka and Moby1 has more than a couple people gun shy on pulling the trigger on a 12 month build.
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    Trailer Box with Slide Outs

    When I got that response I had a serious case of sticker shock!! Extremely nice boxes, but out of my price range.
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    Colorado Teardrops

    I am really surprised that I couldn't find any info on these trailers using all types of searches on the board. They have been around since I think 2014 and are moving into a new larger facility. They seem to tick off a lot of the boxes in what I want in a trailer. Especially when it comes to...
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    Trailer Box with Slide Outs

    I think he is located in Canada.
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    Colorado Teardrops

    Colorado Teardrops build video. The owner says he can put Timbren suspension on for $500 instead of the Dexter torsion axle.
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    Trailer Box with Slide Outs

    2k seems awfully expensive for the box, but then again I have no idea into the amount of work or cost of materials that go into them.
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    Anyone ever mount a weather station on their trailer?

    Mounting one seems to be an issue. I cant find any type of attachment that would fold down so it wouldn't add any height to the trailer while stored. I'm also not sure if these need to be calibrated before each set up, which if they did would not make it worth the hassle.
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    ITW Overland Trailers

    Very nice trailers and they look well built.
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    Trailer Box with Slide Outs

    I made an inquiry on that box from brx, $2K so very pricey. Yikes.