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    2020 Hawk Flatbed on 2018 F150 5.0

    Pretty cool truck, good luck with the sale.
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    Why I switched from a Tacoma to an F150

    Congrats on the new truck!! I love mine.. The one piece of information that I thought you may think is cool is that with these trucks, so many functions are available with Forscan. If you want paddle shifters, you can get them with a raptor wheel and a tweak of the code, pretty inexpensively.
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    1/2 Ton vs 3/4 Ton for Family Adventures?

    The spring pack is usually bigger by a leaf or so, and sometimes there's an overload that the one ton has where the 3/4 doesn't. The biggest difference is the sticker on the door. Between the two, I'd go for the added payload.
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Looking forward to seeing more updates!
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Good thing you looked in there! Early Jeeps have closed knuckle axles like that, and rely on "knuckle pudding" to keep things lubricated. It's more viscous than grease, but heavier than gear oil. The closest thing that's made today for it is John Deere "corn head grease". Check it out, it...
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    The Unnamed - 2019 Ram Power Wagon Build

    It's an RSI smartcap
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    1/2 Ton vs 3/4 Ton for Family Adventures?

    My 2016 f150 6.5ft bed king ranch max tow has a payload of 1570lbs.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    This gives me some great ideas for my Willys rebuild! Woodworking is a hobby of mine, so would love to incorporate a modular setup like the back of that defender into my camping lload out! Also, I now need a leather wrapped grab bar....
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    2021 F150 vs F250

    Just to muddy the waters.... I should add that my 2016 f150 6.5ft bed truck feels like it has a wider turning radius than my 2005 f250. Maybe it's because it drives more like an overgrown car with a terrible turning radius? Ive completely gotten used to it, but something to note. I think either...
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    Why are most aftermarket wheels so BroDozer?

    Those are my favorite OE wheels ford ever made! I've been looking for a set for awhile.
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    2021 F150 vs F250

    How many sheets of plywood are you planning on hauling??? Plywood is what....50-60lbs a sheet? You'd probably be pretty close to running out of room in the bed by the time you ran out if payload. For that single use case, you could always make two trips as well. Last year I helped my brother...
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    25' Airstream - SoCal

    Very nice! This model (except with a bunk) might be our next camper purchase.
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    FOR SALE: 2018 F150 5.0L V8 XLT SuperCrew 6.5” 4x4 with HDPP - RARE and very low mileage

    This is a cool truck. I have a 2016 f150 max tow with the 6.5ft bed, and have 1000lbs less payload than you. In fact, your truck has more payload than my 2005 f250 had! One of the beauty things about f150s is that a lot of the "features" in higher trim trucks can be simply added with Forscan...
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    Jeep Wrangler as a TOAD?

    One thing that I don't think has been mentioned, but it worth considering, is that you can't really back up with a flat towed vehicle. That might complicate things depending on where you're planning on traveling. Cool idea though, try it!
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    My first Jeep, a 1983 CJ7!

    Welcome to the jeep club! I own a 1957/1970 cj5, but I've always loved the cj7's. Does your new jeep have the 258, or the 304? If the v8, it's commonly swapped with a 360. If the straight 6, it's pretty bulletproof. Both are good engines, although the 304 is gutless for a v8. As others said...