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    Sale Suspended Until Fall- - -03 4x4 Chevy 2500HD X-Cab Short SB, Arizona

    Or sell it to me for $15k. I have no questions to ask. I've been around long enough and read enough to feel comfortable buying from @AbleGuy sight unseen. I'm in a conundrum. Sold my Pleasureway campervan and regretting it very much. Looking for options for a tow vehicle. My Jeep probably...
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    WTB Basic off road vehicle with camper

    Kind sir, Why does he need to fill out his profile? He listed his location and requirements in his narrative. Kind regards, GHI from Michigan, USA
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    Sleeping Bag Alternative for Long-term International Trip

    I’m not familiar with the mattress situation in your set up. We had a Beddys in our camper van and loved it so much we have them at home now too. Easier to wash than you’d think.
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    Where can I shoot?

    Is there anything we can do or say to make you just go away? ^^^^^^gerbil voodo ., right?
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    Where can I shoot?

    This is odd. Almost 100 posts in a thread and not one mention of a custom ordered convertible Porsche.
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    I’ve completely lost track of who is sticking up for who/what? I can see both sides while admitting I don’t know what I don’t know. Losing $200 would annoy me. So much so that I’d spend double on backlash. I keep seeing that why shouldn’t the OP get a refund for a product not yet built...
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    Four Wheel Camper 300' Rollover

    Nope, didn’t know that. Thought I read he couldn’t get out of the vehicle because of the air bags.
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    Four Wheel Camper 300' Rollover

    My take on this was don’t drive a shelf road and if ya do make sure you carry a truck pistol to blow out the air bags and windows. Or tape a window punch to the steering wheel.
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    Danner Mountain Light II - An on-going review

    Looking back at this thread I've had mine for 5 years now. Just did a week on the AT with a heavy pack. Mine are still going strong.
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    Family Mosquito Control

    I hike where there is an abundance of mosquitoes, ticks, no see-ums etc. I spray permethrin on all my clothes/gear once or twice a season. This includes socks, hat, backpack and even handkerchief for the neck. I have zero issues with bugs. It can get pricey depending on how much clothing you...
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    Yea, sorry. Just getting old when some guy tells us how awesome he is in every thread. I have a van so I have a huge pass through. I couldn’t do it any other way after having it. My one oh crap story comes from Kaibob National Forest I think. Woke up to a bear rocking my 10,000 lb van from...
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    Can’t remember. Haven’t seen it in enough of your posts. Tell us again how awesome you are. Retired cop, fashion model for some elite motorcycle club, top 1% mechanic, Master of all trades. Expert motorcycle rider or whatever. I can appreciate your credentials, but quit cramming it down...
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    DECKED Real Customers #notaninfluencer

    This a really neat thread. Almost as good as the shameless joke of the day fitness video.
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    Jeep got broken into last night - service manual (+reg and insurance) stolen

    Just take a long walk around the neighborhood and look in the bushes and dumpsters. You’ll hopefully find your stuff there.
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    Disgusting dust...

    Open all doors. Run extension cord to vehicle and prop a fan in there somehow. ********** seats with your hand and watch dust cloud blow in the wind. Vacuum with a brush attachment. Spray/mist seats with vinegar/water mixture and then wipe down with a towel. Change cabin air filter if your...