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    Go to go, Leer 1800 shell off 2017 Colorado Longbed

    Leer 1800 shell purchased for an extended cab 2017 Colorado. Side opening windows provide excellent access, Thule rack provides roof top storage and will support a RTT, Leer installed LED lighting . paid $2600.00 in January 2018, selling for $1800.00, purchased a GFC. Send a PM if interested...
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    My ZR2 Colorado and Canyon Saga

    Tacoma to Colorado I purchased a 2017 Colorado November 15 it is a Ext Cab 4Wd WT with the 3.6 V6 and an auto and the auto locking rear differential. Due to family commitments and work, part time contracting to CalFire all I have done is install my 2 meter, tablet, GPS and IPhone mounts in...
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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    I am more than interested I had a 2007 Dble cab Shortbed Tacoma with a FlipPac replaced it with a 4WC, too much weight, sold the truck bought a power wagon, great on the road, on dirt roads and National Parks. Doesn't work for me. Camper is sold, truck is for sale, looking at a Colorado or a...
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    Set up 2007 DoubleCab Shortbed for Sale

    Price drop now $18,000.00
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    Set up 2007 DoubleCab Shortbed for Sale

    That may be. Thanks for replying. I was asked for pictures of the underneath and the inside:
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    who is using a real gps vs a tablet

    I use a 7" Samsung with Delorme's Earthmate on it and have had great results, of course navigating without uploading your route is a pain. I have a Garmin Nuvi 500 that has the western topo's on it as a backup, and I have played with Backcountry navigator, and was not really satisfied the...
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    Set up 2007 DoubleCab Shortbed for Sale

    I am curious, why no interest? This is a good capable truck that was taken me to many adventures and back. Any thoughts?
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    Set up 2007 DoubleCab Shortbed for Sale

    ATTACH=CONFIG]407227[/ATTACH]Time to move on, getting older and need to make some changes, so parting with my Adventure Vehicle: FOR SALE 2007 DOUBLE CAB SHORT BED TOYOTA TACOMA – $20,000.00 172,XXX MILES This is the TRD Off Road with the E-Locker OME Lift with 881 springs in front and Deaver...
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    2016 Swift for sale

    It is no longer for sale. on to plan B.
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    2016 Swift for sale

    Price drop, to $20,000.00 if it does not sell it's on to plan B, sell the Tacoma and buy something that will carry it...used. I don't really want to do that.
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    2016 Swift for sale

    Today it comes off the truck and will sit (not long I hope) till it finds a new home....
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    2016 Swift for sale

    I was referring to having to rev it to 4000 rpm's in low/low to move it up some trails, I should have phrased it different. The truck is underpowered at altitude or steep climbs. I bought it for off road use, meaning in my mind trails and two tracks, The truck does not do 4's (trail rating...
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    To Keep or Not to Keep

    I am right at 7000lbs When I load up for a week or two I added another 200lbs. Can you pm me with the info on the brake up grade?