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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Weekend vibes. Number 204 is still going strong!
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    25K miles on KO2 before I gave up

    Just an FYI - I had 315/75r17 load range C on my 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Got 28,000 miles out of them. Was frustrated with the poor tread life. The kicker - I learned that they have a 50,000 mile warranty. Got my second set for $425 installed. Might be worth investigating.
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    An ECOBOOST Family Overland F-150 FX4

    Nicely spec‘d truck. I would recommend Scenic Maps West found in the App Store. One time purchase and no need to predetermine routes prior to travel.
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    Gear's TW200

    This was shot over 10 years ago. As I recall the bikes weight was not an issue. The issue was not being able to get to the back of the Jeep without removing the bike. That was a fun bike!
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    Goose Gear Cubbies? Yea or Nay?

    Depending on the year of your Jeep you might need to remove the stock side plastic. When you do this you will have exposed metal and a lack of carpet on Jeeps 2011-newer. The side cubbies will cover this bare metal/unfinished look. If you have a 2007-2010 your fully carpeted fenders will look...
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    WTB: Campaign Furniture/American Camp Chair(s)

    If you can’t find one for sale. I will loan you the original for your trip. Just let me know. Justin
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    Jeep JKU Ursa Minor vs RTT

    Up until this year I have camped with 2 boys up top in the Ursa Minor and myself down below on the Goose Gear. Wife enjoys staying home. I think it would be extremely tough to make it work with 4 individuals. The Jeep payload is barely up to the task. Will you be using a 12 volt fridge? If...
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    Jeep just released a JL with a payload increase of 500lbs

    Pretty sure the Diesel Jeep has a GVWR of 6100 listed on the door sticker.
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    Ram Tradesman w/power wagon option VS Gladiator rubicon/mojave (turned into a Power Wagon build thread)

    Well it has 4 seats, so if I want to take my wife and 2 sons, 15 and 17 years old on a trip. I would have used up almost have of the payload. 730 lbs is what is left before I am at GVWR on a stock Power Wagon(Zero Aftermarket). How do people justify the Power Wagon as a purchase for Overland...
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    Ram Tradesman w/power wagon option VS Gladiator rubicon/mojave (turned into a Power Wagon build thread)

    Power Wagon - Any concern over the lack of payload. 1400 lbs seems ridiculous low on a full-size truck. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 - 4 Cylinder has a larger payload at 1600 lbs. Will you be adding a camper?
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    SOLD---Zarges K470 case, Model 40564 , SoCal p/u only

    Where are you located in Southern California? Seller responded with Santa Monica. I am going to pass because of the drive. Someone is going to get a nice box.
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    FS: Outback Swag Tent - SOLD

    Sent a PM.
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    Just bought a 16 JKU

    Check the cradle(plastic U shaped part holding the tire carrier arm to the tailgate) and make sure it is centered when closing the door. Also check that there is proper tension on the tire carrier. If this doesn’t make the noise disappear check the bolts holding the tire carrier to the frame...
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I live in San Diego. So I went to Ursa Minor and took a templet of the lifting mechanism. Came home, drilled out the L track with the correct hole spacing and then returned to Ursa Minor. Kris installed it prior to me picking up the top. Ursa Minor uses an overhead hoist to support the top...