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    California trailer registration

    I bought my Lifetime Trailer through Costco as well. No issues registering it. I did have to bring it down to DMV for the inspection, but they saw a utility trailer, verified vin and moved on from there. It should be easy ... then again it is California DMV, they may make you smog the...
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    BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 winter

    I have almost 20K on my KO2"s now. They have seem snow, ice, gravel, mud, dirt and even some pavement. Mud is an issue ... but it does okay; however, I do not go mudding. I recently had them up in the snow/ice. No issues for me even backing up a sloped driveway covered in ice. Yes, I was in...
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    Whic tire is right for me?

    I run the KO2 on my 2015 F150. I put them on the truck when it ihad 2500 miles on it, but figure I lost less than .5 mpg. You will not regret the decision with KO2.
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    Opinions please - camper shell or open bed?

    I have an open bed with a soft roll cover. If I need to lock something out, out of sight, it is the cab with me. The versatility of the open bed is great. I also have a Yakima rack that I can mount over the bed rails. We generally mount that on longer trips and mount the 5 bikes across the...
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    Best layout to sleep 2 adults, 2 small kids?

    Found this, not a lifetime but a similar concept.
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    Best layout to sleep 2 adults, 2 small kids?

    I have a Lifetime tent trailer with a 3500# axle and 15 Wranglers over the stock 2K axle and 12 inch tires. We use to sleep three kids and 2 adults. It is nothing more than a tent on wheels, no power, water or anything else on board. It has been dragged through portions of Moab (needed a...
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    NEW RIG: 2012 F-150 FX4

    Nice truck. I picked up a 2011 SC EB F150 with tow and all the crap you do not need last November. Wish we had the nav screen, but our back up camera is in the mirror. We have put over 20K on ours since purchase, and now pushing almost 56K miles. We run BFG KO2 on stock 18's and a big heavy...
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    New BFG All Terrain Design?

    Already have 15k on them. Have run them while towing, in snow, mud, rocks and some pavement thrown in for good measure. They do not look as new as they used to but they still perform extremely well!
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    How to plan family adventure and save money

    Every summer we take off on a road trip. We are leaving Friday morning. We will be gone 18 days and will have travelled around 5500 miles with 3500 of that towing a trailer. Money saved via lunch on road. That's right kids, sandwiches again! Of our 18 days, 3 will be spent in a hotel...
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    Thoughts on the new f-150

    I recently picked up a 2011 FX4 CC with the ecoboost, max tow and all the other crap. awesome truck. Already have out 11k miles on it since Thanksgiving. Leaving in 9' days for a 6k mile road trip towing a trailer through CO and AZ. We bought it cause of the backseat room. The thing...
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    Lifetime trailer @ costco

    Bent that original axLe fairly quickly ... Now running a dexter 3500#. Good info though!
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    Looking for an expedition TRUCK

    I have three boys. Ages are 9, 7 and 5. They do not fit in the backseat of a Tacoma comfortably. I will second a full size. My 04 Sierra Crew z71 had 200k miles on it before th minivan cut me off. He lost big. I drove away and sold the truck to a neighbors friend who is still driving it...
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    Thoughts on 2015 F-150

    Recently purchased a 2011 EB f150. I am averaging 16+ in my day to day heavy commute. Ran her up to Tahoe with my family of 5, and enough stuff in the bed to clothe us for a month! Manage to get 19.3 on that trip. Towed my 9000lb trailer like it was not there. Mine is a 2011, with 3.73...
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    Ford Shop in Bay Area/East Bay? Ford Expedition Fuel Pump Replacement needed...

    Mike's Auto 1855 Contra Costa Blvd Ste C Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 I have been using them for a couple of years now. Very honest! I brought my Marauder in and asked them to the 100K service, despite her only having 80K on her. They called and said everything was still in spec and asked me to...
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    5000 mile road trip pulling a trailer...

    For the last 5 years we have done a road trip anywher between 4k miles and 7kmiles. The last three have been pulling a trailer. Change your oil, check your brakes is all good info. But you know best. What condition is your suburban in? Does it leak, burn anything? Last tune up...