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    Ramp door supports.

    A pair of jack stands to level the rear door, I put some rear stabilizers under mine to keep it from rocking. 8’ ARB awning and wall kit also.
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    APB for Stolen 95 RRC

    That’s a bummer for sure. Hopefully it was some high school kids thinking it would be fun to joyride and it will be found in decent shape in the woods shortly.
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    WTB: LR4 Parts / Accessories

    You may have considered it already, but I found several parts (hitch, 18” spare) for mine on eBay
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    Low Profile RTT mount on an LR3???

    Apparently the slats and brackets are rated for 220 lbs dynamic/660 lbs static load. They don’t actually state that on each vehicle application since it is derated to the OEM roof weight rating.
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    Low Profile RTT mount on an LR3???

    If you can handle it being 3” high from the center of the glass to the top of the bar, I’m extremely happy with my Front Runner load bars. They are for an H3 as they were the cheapest available, and only required adding fender washers to fit right in the factory short roof rails. I added the...
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    2018 power wagon spare tire ideas

    Any chance you could mount the spare horizontally off the back and set the bike frame on it like a moto stand? Would obviously require some fab work and sacrifice departure angle, but might make for the shortest package with a low COG.
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    2018 power wagon spare tire ideas

    If you don’t want it underneath, going off the back is the only valid option IMO. It seems like with those shackle mounts on the rear bumper it would be easy to do a stinger style tube coming up off it. A torsion style garage door spring could make it easy to raise and lower, and a spring loaded...
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    Thinking of a locking diff for my 2wd, talk me into/out of it

    JMHO, a locker can be marginally effective on mostly flat ground that is uneven side to side (pothole) or slick (gravel/wet grass). They aren‘t going to help you much when it’s an uphill/downhill scenario, and help even less so in a truck than in an SUV, unless your bed is heavily loaded. The...
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    Let’s see some DIY On-Board air setups!

    Here’s my setup, I went with the ARB single unit. IMO there’s not a whole lot of point in small tanks, and these compressors won’t easily fill a large tank. I wanted mine mounted outside the vehicle so using it when it’s cold, raining, mosquito filled etc, wouldn’t require having any doors open...
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    Pinstripes and staying presentable

    If the thing is in truly pristine shape, I can understand wanting to preserve the value of it as it’s been insane what they are going for lately. However, if you’re only concerned with your bosses and wife’s opinions, I’d just get over it and use the vehicle as you want to. If you’re not...
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    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    I’ve settled on GMRS as the best option so long as you aren’t already in a group that runs CB’s. I believe it’s going to replace them for future trail use, and IMO an InReach is a better option than HAM for real emergency use. I suppose the grey area is situations where you need help but it’s...
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    LR3 Lower Control Arm Kits

    Good to hear. I bought their whole front end parts (lowers, uppers, tie rod ends, sway bar links), just need to fins some time to get them on. Did you have to cut any bolts to get the old arms out of did they remove ok?
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    This truck is unbelievable good

    Go buy a Jeep then, there are plenty of them out there. IMO they are more likely to leave you stranded than any Rover product with the exception of a D2. FWIW, I’m about halfway between what you want and what the new Defender is. Since the original Range Rover, Land Rover has been a balance of...
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    Tire Trusting

    BFG KM3’s in 37x12.5x17 are rated load range D, but 3525 lbs. Their 37x13.5x17 are rated E, but only 3195 lbs. The 13.5’s are 4 lbs heavier, so I doubt there is much difference in construction.
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    This truck is unbelievable good

    Toyota guys are always going to justify paying $17k for a rig with 300k miles on it because it will “hold its value”. ;) I welcome Land Rover’s depreciation, I paid $5k for my 08 LR3, and less than that for 2 D1’s, and D2, and a RRC all put together. We paid $26k for my wife’s 08 RRSC, which...