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  • Those guys kill me on the whole crying poor over the website thing. Last summer there were a bunch of people who were willing to buy some stickers for their rigs, t-shirts, etc. It would have been enough to fund the hosting of the site for at least a good 2-3 years and Fred and April absolutely refused!! Why the hell do that then cry you can't afford to run the site? So I have no sympathy for them in that regard.

    The coffee meet is Tuesday nights in Newmarket. The only Swamper that is ever there is Wayne. Like I said though, I'm around for the Thanksgiving weekend, maybe hook up on the Sat or Sun night?
    I'm actually on Dirteaters several times throughout the day. Bored at work so I surf all the forums. I don't get up to the Barrie coffee meets so I don't know alot of those guys personally, so I'm not too comfortable razzing them on things (Wayne, Christian, Travis and a couple others are all I really know). This is my first Jeep, so don't have alot of experience to add to technical posts (but love reading them). Other than that, there are just alot of posts of Freddy's rants and I figure it's probably better to not even bother posting responses to those. Heh. I was gone the weekend that whole tread went down and it was pretty much all deleted and locked down before I had a chance to read it.
    Is there a limit to how high you can have these off of the ground? I am kind of thinking I want the base of the tent to be about 6' off of the ground so I can still open the lid to the trailer and access the contents with the tent setup.
    Hey I love the pics of your trailer. Did you build it yourself? What brand of RTT is that?
    ok so now that i figured out how to send you pics . heres a couple more with the fly reversed sorry my pics are not the best the fly can be set up several ways whatever suits your situation i guess


    2 whites attach to the cross bar on the dround room black i use in the centre at the front working from the front corners back green green yellow yellow the short no colour i use at the very back and the prop up from my fenders gonna try to send you a pick
    Hello, I have been searching on this site for any information regarding setting up a Serengeti tent, I just purchased one. Mine came with 4 poles with green tape, 4 with yellow, 2 with white, 2 no clor and 1 black. I have no idea which pole goes where and Fernando is not clear on where they go, he just says to cut the poles to length.

    Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

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