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    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Stan- How gappy is the fit with the Project M? I’m trying to decide between an Ovrlnd and your Project M. I saw one thread about poor fit to a bed in an early production model and FWC’s use of aluminum mounting plates to *try* and close the gaps up... Has that issue been fixed? I have...
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    A.R.E DCU 36

    I’m selling my 2015/16 A.R.E DCU 36” shell. I’ve been camping out of it for two years and am moving on to an AT Habitat. Great shell that I insulated with blue foam board and skinned with 1/4” plywood. Fairing is easily removable and holes plugged with pop rivets. Rack and attachments are not...
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    I’m picking up my new Habitat, from Juniper Overland, in a few weeks and am curious about the Batwing/Foxwing awnings.... Is it possible to use them in a partially closed manner that would work with the Habitat, i.e. only opening the awning into a 180 configuration? Or would it be too floppy?
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    It wasn’t Lake Kluane, was it? I’ve camped there a few times and it can get burly!
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    1993 FG Fuso Rosa 4x4 Bus

    Ad is gone. How much was it listed for?
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    How was the tent in the AK rain/wind? I’m about to pull the trigger on a Habitat....
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    2016 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

    I have, thank you.
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    2016 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

    Is this still available?
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    Old Man Emu for Tundra?

    I’m shopping for an OME kit for my ‘08 Tundra and wondering if the forum has any favorites for good deals. Thanks for your time!
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    Last weekend.
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    Swollen Lug Nuts

    Interesting. My new'ish Tundra has capped lugs. Should I take a punch and get rid of the chrome caps? I hate chrome anyway.
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    WTB Yakima Hi-Rise Spacers

    Looking for a set of Yakima hi-rise spacers for the 1A towers. I have the towers, just need the spacers to clear my roofline.
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    2016 spring bear

    If you are serious, shoot me a PM and I can help you out with an amzing guide and outfitter. I'm a fishing guide for the same company. I don't do hunts, but have two great guides to reccomend if you are in good shape and can hike thick/steep terrain. Pick up a proper hunting rifle.