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    1991 Toyota Pickup SR5 build/adventure

    Dave's got it right. My 95 v6 (formerly)auto SR5 is G144, so 4.88 gears and the 4pinion rear carrier, and yup factory 4.88 offsets the pinion a wee tad to account for the 4.88 ring gear vs a different gear thickness, so nothing will fit in those to redo except unobtanium 4.88 OEM ring gears...
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    1991 Toyota Pickup SR5 build/adventure

    Funny, I put a spartan in mine a couple of weeks ago in the rear and I HATE it driving around on the street, so much so that I have a truetrac on the way to swap it out with haha. Like you said, does real nice climbing around. I have 4.88 with 31's and a 5spd in it with the 3.0 and it seems...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Throwing in my 95 4runner. 3.slow with 230k on it, but its got 4.88's so it isn't so bad. Just swapped it from auto to manual the day before a 600mi camping trip, hitting both Colorado and Mojave deserts. No issues except i forgot to tighten a couple of bolts and need the proper (longer) manual...