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    2nd gen Tacoma Sport for deep snow

    Get some weight in the bed, it makes a huge difference in traction. With the composite beds, there is not a lot of weight in the back of these trucks. I have an 05 DCLB sport, and with a HC rear, camper shell and around 300 lbs of sandbags nothing really stops me here in NE Illinois.
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    *RickRunner* - Rickashay's 05 T4R

    Thanks for answering my question Addison. I should be all set then. Now to just convince work that I need time off to go!
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    *RickRunner* - Rickashay's 05 T4R

    What would the vehicle requirements for something like Colossal be? Lockers? Winch? Certain tire size? Love the videos, I dream of being able to go someday!
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    3rd Gen Toyota Pickup - Budget Expo Build

    Is the metal screen inside the camper for security? or critters?