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    The EEXP is Born

    Looks better and better. I can't wait to see a floor plan and the camper/cabin passage. Can it eventually go on a Fuso and stay containerable? This might develope into the simple, tough, no frills, lightweight & well insulated high-quality popup-camper I am looking for. I hope the sitting area...
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    Hauling A Motorcycle With A Truck Camper

    The issue of how to build a truly offroad-capable m/c carrier (no wobbling, swaying and compromising of departure angle) is also being discussed here:
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    XPCamper Updates

    I join the queue for a Fuso XP!
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    Are Earth Cruisers & Co. overpriced?

    Thanks for all for the feedback! Some very interesting thoughts! Great forum! There clearly is a market for heavily loaded rigs on Canter 4x4-chassis. Earth Cruiser, GXV and ATW/SMB are fishing in this $ 250,000-pond. Great products, no doubt. But not all offroad-enthusiasts need this comfort...
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    Are Earth Cruisers & Co. overpriced?

    I don't say they are. It's just that I don't understand the price tag. I wonder if some of the more knowledgeable members could help me to understand why my dream rig must cost $ 250,000. I want a Fuso FG 4x4 chassis with a lightweight fiberglass composite monocoque construction, besides pop...
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    Selling Iglhaut Sprinter 4x4 German reg in US?

    I also intended to bring a 4WD-Sprinter across the Atlantic, use it for 2 or 3 years and then sell it in the US. But Mike is right: no way. I see "safety and emissions" as a code for protectionism. EU-regulations in both areas are just as stringent.