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    Spring Break Road Trip. Houston to Great Smoky Mountains NP 03/06-03/14

    on behalf of the 2-wheel crowd, be sure to stay on your side of the yellow in the dragon. enjoy the journey!
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    Coldest days of the year in Moab Utah and Death Valley.. February 2019

    nice intro. hooked. looking forward to the rest of the story and pics......
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    Beaches of Baja 2019

    one day, i will qualify and join the group! looking forward to reading about your adventure.
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    A Moab Christmas 2018

    great adventure!
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    Ranger Raptor testing in Flagstaff

    Can you post some more pics?
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    Eating crow....2018 Ram Power Wagon build

    advrider - great source for adv riding on 2-wheels
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    VRV Flyer Teardrop and DIY Build Thread

    i too combine my teardrop with an OZ tent. Great combo for my family of 4, with 2-dogs and a family friend or two. nice additions to the camper! Attached images show my mobile command center/compound setup. Including my ARB room and OZ Tent RV-5.
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    The Georgia Traverse - Solo ..... let's try this again

    spent much time riding sport bikes in that area. Beautiful country.
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    5 Day Canyonlands Expedition - [Toquerville Falls, White Rim Trail, Capitol Reef]

    No issues for a full size dodge. Recommend 3-days to fully enjoy the trail.
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    SoCal Tear Drop Owners! Post up!

    Took my teardrop, family of 5, and 2-dogs, to Toroweap last Christmas. There were a few technical sections toward the end of the trail.
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    X2 Patriot trailer (brand new) SOLD

    bummer that it did not work out for you. Someone is going to get an awesome trailer at a sweet deal!
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    Trying to decide between SoCal teardrop and overland Explorer TDK!! Please help

    Take a quick trip up to SoCal teardrop to learn about their trailers and meet the owner/builders. They are well established, local, and supportive. Rent the off road teardrop with rooftop tent at off the grid rentals to see if it works for you.