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    2017 Bigfoot 15C8.2FR Camper for Shortbed Truck

    Hi all, Selling our Bigfoot Camper. Located in Bend, OR. Absolute cream puff. Email or call me if interested, but complete specs can be found on Bigfoot RV Website. $27,500 or fair offer. If you are considering at 4wheel popup camper, come take a look at this first. Much more comfy and weighs...
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    2019 Land Cruiser 200 (USA) Need Front Hitch

    Have you tried reaching out to E-trailer? I bet they would check fitment for you...
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    New Platform: 2019 Silverado 3500HD SWR (And now a Bigfoot)

    I have a 1500 series Bigfoot on my 2500HD...I'm curious what you plan on doing for suspension and front end? Also, it looks like you're in the Portland area, who are you having do the work? If you'd rather PM me, feel free!
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    2014 GMC Savana AWD adventure van

    Where is the van located?
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    Hanging pocket/storage/camping organizer source?

    Blue Performance makes something like this for the Marine world. Look at boating supplies websites. Fiamma also makes organizers like this. If you email Fiamma USA they can get you anything Fiamma makes at fairly reasonable prices...
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    Colorado Camper Van Review (CCV)- Buyer Beware

    I would just go with a fixed high top. Stealth camping, heating, etc all much easier in high top.
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    Colorado Camper Van Review (CCV)- Buyer Beware

    I don't understand either...many terrible reviews of CCV here and on the SMB forum(and probably others)'s crazy he's able to stay as busy as he does...
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    Do you make a version to fit a 2015 Chevy 2500HD 6.5' bed yet?
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    Toyota Hilux Galaxy

    Awesome rig! Looks like Pacific City?
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    2009 Hawk 4 Wheel Camper

    This is a really good deal, you should sell it quickly.
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    Overland Explorer MB Sprinter Conversions (25 pics)

    Nice vans! I really like that rear ladder! What are cabinets made of? Aluminum?
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    Compact Camp Chairs: The Ultimate Review

    More like advertising plug than actual review...
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    Grandby layout question

    Side dinette floor space is much better to me in our Hawk. If you have a dog(s), definitely consider floor space, as our dog/dog bed takes up quite a bit of space.
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    1 Bored Clerk's DIY Camper

    +1 on Mr Plywood! Love that place! WoodCrafters and Crosscut Hardwoods would be next if Mr Plywood doesn't have what you want...