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    “Sierra Madre, Copper Canyon 2018”

    It has been a long time since I have been to Copper Canyon and I miss it. If everything works out with the Covid-19, I that we can make the Expedition into the Sierra Madre this year. With the Covid-19, we had to cancel the trip to Mexico in 2020. Reading this thread and watching Larrie's...
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    Using 'shipping wheels' to fit van into container instead of RORO

    I am just a simpleton and sometimes think out of the box. I did not see this addressed in the thread. What do these rim/tire weigh? How often will you use them? Would you carry these with you on your travels full time? I ask about the weight as these. Because will you carry these for a year...
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    If you ask 10 different you will get 10 different answers. Is this for a camp for one or two nights or setting up for a week at a single location. If you are camping at a developed campground with a fire ring and table you may not cook near the back of your vehicle and use what is provided...
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    ARB fridge testimonial.

    Looking at the avatar information it says they are from Portland , Oregon. Sarcastic comment on my part! "Home of the peaceful protest!" You can disregard it if you so chose to. It is what I think of when I here Portland, Oregon. This is just from what I see in the news and from talking to my...
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    That looks very nice! The wife cleaned her car window this morning but then went with the borrowed kid to the dog park after. Our last dog and the borrowed one both disslike the Tacoma. The access cab the rear windows do not open. It gets dirty fairly fast. we get about 2 hours of travel time...
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    My Jeeps and the Toyota all have home made sleeping platforms. I just put lacquer over the wood in-case a wet dog or dog bowl gets it wet. I also have the cheap indoor/outdoor carpet over it. I have my sleeping platform 1/2" higher then the Plano storage boxes. Those boxes stack and also slid...
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    Welcome to the forum! It looks as if you have what is needed for overlanding. The place to sleep, eat and a way to carry your gear. You do not need to be fancy to have wonderful adventures. As you spend more time overlanding, you will see and make little adjustments for your adventures. If I...
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    Full fiberglass camping shell

    Just a thought. The rear axle should be a 1 ton axle. Toyota sent out some that were 3/4 tone and they needed to do a recal on them as they were not strong enough. I do not know if all Toyota trucks have the rear springs with the leaf spring centering bolt the hole is not centered by about 2...
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    Carry on trailer soft springs

    The axle rating of the 3,500# is good if it is used on rough roads. Strong is good! You want to keep your springs set for the weight you will be carrying. Stronger higher rated springs will not flex enough to smooth out the ride. The long springs will provide a nicer ride over the long run...
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    Solar and the RTT: What's the most common setup?

    Welcome Davepen to the forum, You have options! If your only running lights in the RTT you could run #1 option. LED lights do not use that much of your battery. You could get lights that run on the AAA, or AA batteries and not need the vehicle battery. If you are running a light, laptop and...
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    JK(U) and JL(U) owners with an RTT I have a question

    I have a JKU with a Gobi Rack. I have removed the panels only a few time when driving. The wind noise at highway speeds did not bother me 40 years ago, but now I do not care for it. I do remove the panels on occasion, for easier access to the RTT front mounting hardware. With my XL size of hands...
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    Budget 2000w Generators?

    Costco has a 1,800 watt Yahama generator for $499.oo
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    Canada to Baja and beyond

    I was going to do a post a while back when I saw the maxtrax under the tires. Thoes work good! I got side tracked and forgot to mention this, back then. There is another thing that works good on the beaches many people overlook. For thoes who have driven on beaches have noticed that driving on...
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    JKU platform help

    Each rack is made different so they will vary. I run the Gobi rack on my JKU. They have a quick disconnect for the front and the rear are hinged to let the front pivot back past 90 degrees. You woild the need to lift the top stright up to remove it. Or you could take out the 2 rear hindge bolts...
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    Hi Vintageracer, Your business decision will make you a lot more money in the future then it cost you! The happy families will pass the word and their friends will most likely be customers in the future. It is nice to see that, What is morally right, is worth more then the dollar!