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    Hourless Life: Documenting Our Global Overland Adventure

    Hi Eric, Brittany, and Caspian, This is nothing new when people say that “they have heard ..........”. With Mexico I have some experience with Mexico at now 72 years young. My first crossing into Baja was in my mothers arms at less then 3 months old. My parents would go down 2 to 4 times a...
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    What Knot Knormal said "I'm no fanboy to jeep although I own one but it's because there's nothing else comparable to it. If ford were to reintroduce the Bronco in a comparable platform to the wrangler I'd be happy to get out of the heep..." I am on Jeep #26 in the the last 43 years (as many as...
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    Congratulations on getting the tail shaft where you do not want it! Now to get serious. I have had problems with my 2009 JKU also. I went to the Escondido and they said no problem. I moved to New Mexico and took it into a dealer here. They said, No Problem! Shortly after it went out. I took it...