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    Hambo build thread

    Touching on what @iggi said about the light buckets.. I have a box with lights that are 9"x7".. and there are just empty hollow caverns in the walls behind the reflectors. I have seen where people have mounted 4" square LED floods in the reflectors.. but in the back of my mind.. I am wondering...
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    2003 Ford Econoline E-350 'Command Unit' 6700 miles

    Looks like Madison County Fire Department didn't drive this 'command unit' very much might make a good project.. or mobile office. 6700 miles. onan generator, roof top a/c 5.4L V8
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    Ambulance Insurance

    @Sidewalk What sort of problems are they giving you? Also.. what does your title say.. regarding the vehicle type? You didn't say 'ambulance' did you? If you show pics of a sink, toilet, and stove..and say it is a conversion van, you'll get much further.. "ambo" is a hard stop with...
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    12v Compressor fridge at Costco.

    @86scotty maybe they are targeting "#vanlifers", and 20-something influencers. No one ever shows the interior of the fridge on instagram.. just the "haut cuisine" they eat, while living their amazing, 'best life'. (I am in marketing)
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    Por-15 opinions and Experiences

    I needle scaled my frame and gave it the POR 15 treatment. AND... My oil pan is an absolute abomination with rust and age..and JB weld (no judgement please) I would need to lift the engine to replace the pan and that is not in the cards at the moment. I called the POR 15 customer service...
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    Ideas for improving cellular reception IN my truck box.. (living space)

    hrrmmpf. It's one thing to open the back doors, or sit at a camp table.. but now that the cold weather is coming. Looks like I have another project. :) Thanks for the insights..
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    Ideas for improving cellular reception IN my truck box.. (living space)

    I drive a retired ambulance.. a 1994 Ford E-350. The issue I have is when I am in the back (in the box), my cell signal drops to nil. Even when I am in an area with good coverage. This makes working on a laptop, using my phone as a hot-spot, problematic.. The box is aluminum skin around...
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    1991 Winnebago camper motorhome $1,500,000.00 -- No kidding!

    I hate when sellers do this.. they under price the item, next thing you know.. all these buyers swarm in, the bidding frenzy begins.. and you end up spending more than you planned...
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    Do people really take their off-road teardrops through gnarly trails?

    Here are some video of the Air OPUS being pulled around some remote spots.. and down some gullys in Australia..
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    2014 Ford E-Series Van E-150 XLT E-350 CAMPER 4X4 /19,000 MILE

    Regarding VIN lookups. My go-to site:
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    An Axe - Seriously?

    Bringing axes and hatchets... When you cannot bring your cornhole game along.. ax throwing sure passes the time while drinking.. And when added to any instagram photo they instantly add that authentic wilderness feel.. just like brand new timberland boots and a bikini top. (The above...
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    HAM radio equipment auction

    I came across an auction with quite a few lots of HAM radio equipment. Since the this auction ends tomorrow, I thought it might get more exposure here, than the classifieds section. If this post is inappropriate, I apologize, and will delete it. Not sure if this equipment is still relevant, or...
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    Custom Built Suzuki Samurai

    I know this is probably only good for comic relief, but if you search youtube, you can find episodes of RoadKill where they put a 440ci big blog in a Suzuki Samurai.. Maybe get the creative possibilities goin'...
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    Ambulance Camper/ Expedition Rig Conversion FAQ

    On my rig, There is a tag inside one of the outer compartments with a serial number and other details. I called AEV, told them what I was looking for, got transferred to a guy that was super helpful.. gave him the serial number, and he emailed me the following doc. The only things not covered...