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  • Do you think you will do another group buy for this trailer later in the spring? I just saw this a week or 2 late. :(
    I'm very interested in this group buy
    So just a couple of questions
    Is the base color gray or Black ?
    I assume I can get the bolt pattern the same bolt pattern as my tacoma ?
    So what is the lead time ? 4-6 weeks each one or are you building them all at the same time ?
    Sorry to be a pain :/
    Oh and I also can assume I can make a road trip out of this if I come down from Portland to get it :)
    Hey There,
    Base colors are white, grey and black and Sandy taupe. Other colors are available. It only gets more expensive if you ask for something totally wild.
    Yes we can match 6 on 5.5 like a Tacoma.
    It’s 4-6 weeks once the deposit has been secured.
    You are not a pain. Haha.
    Welcome to come on down to pick it up or we can meet you halfway. Wife and I love road trips.
    Space Wrangler
    Thank you Simon !

    I'll shoot you a text later on this afternoon :)

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