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    *SOLD* - Unimog U500 with GXV-Global X Vehicles Pangea

    What is the max highway speed? I know some Unimogs are painfully slow.
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    2021 Fuso FG 4x4 Overlander... "West Elk Wilderness Edition"

    Hi, your rig looks interesting. A few questions: Is the rig in Gunnison, CO? What mileage does the chassis have on it? Same for the engine? Is this a diesel? What is the gross vehicle weight dry/wet? What type of air-conditioning could be added and at what cost? Thank you, Joe
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    Hi, Tim, a few quesrions: 1. Is the rig currently in St. George? 2. I see the engine only has 2450 hours on it. Was it replaced or rebuilt or is that the amount of hours typical for the mileage? 3. Is there a pass through portal between the cab and habitat? 4. Do you have a floor plan you can...
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    I'm very interested. Are you coming through Utah?
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    That is one slick drawer! I’m in the process of designing a similar drawer setup for the back of my Tundra. My current design incorporates 8020 extrusions for the frame and Baltic birch plywood for panels and drawers. Instead of carbon fiber (which looks so cool) I was going with scuff-resistant...