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    Removing plastic bed rail caps (2016 Tacoma)- Urgent

    I have a '16 and sold my tonneau earlier in the year. You can pry the bed caps up gently with a panel tool or even a taped up screwdriver in a pinch. Once you have the end up just pull the rest of it up slowly just with your hands. There are no screws involved in the bed caps themselves, you...
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    EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

    I see that the GZL is up on the site now: Has pricing been set yet?
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    forty2's (witty title here) '16 Tacoma

    Anybody seen this yet? Looks intriguing, makes me wish I made it over to NW Overland Rally.
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    '16 Tacoma Build & Adventure Thread

    Lol at the moderate trolling. Just beyond believable is the way to do it. I obviously went too far when I tried it:
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    Tacoma bed drawers?

    My bed drawer setup is here.
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    forty2's (witty title here) '16 Tacoma

    Old business: Not much going on since my return from the desert. Did play off road a bit around Lake Chelan last weekend while my wife was at a conference however. Oh, and I had a little monster along. He's not totally useless though... ...he helped with airing down... ...and with...
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    Rig w/ boat Pics

    Replaced the Subi, room for more floaties. First water outing of the year.
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    Mojave Road April '16

    Made the same crossing a week earlier. You can see the water level on the truck, no drama whatsoever. I had relocated the rear diff breather though, had I not it most certainly would have taken in some water. Also, the door sills were bone dry after crossing.
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    Tacoma: Dream Set Up Help/Advice

    I can't seem to find the board support photos I was looking for, but I used to run a setup as described in the 90's to transport my windsurf board on top of my Civic hatch that only had a <24" bar spread. I had a little fiberglass cap that the nose of the board fit into to keep wind from forcing...
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    Tacoma: Dream Set Up Help/Advice

    Build a cradle for the sup, just a simple mohagany spine that extends all the way to the front and most of the way to the back with two tie down ribs that brace off of a roof rack. Go over cab height on the shell and build an interior platform with a stowaway center so the dogs aren't messing up...
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    Thoughts on a flat tow...

    Disconnect the rear driveshaft, make sure you're in 2H and go nuts, you won't hurt anything that way. If you leave the driveshaft connected and the trans in neutral it'll spin the trans output but not the layshaft that lubricates the trans and it's seals.
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    forty2's (witty title here) '16 Tacoma

    Pretty damn hot, we saw temps in the 90's yesterday.
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    forty2's (witty title here) '16 Tacoma

    I think they oversell it. There's a couple tricky parts and it's probably the absolute limit of what I'll ever attempt stock, but definitely doable. I stopped once to stack some rocks, dragged mud guards a handful of times, and bounced off the LCA once, but no real damage to speak of.
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    forty2's (witty title here) '16 Tacoma

    Yesterday we drove a loop starting at Furnace Creek, up to Ubehebe Crater, Racetrack, down Lippincott, out Saline to the south, and back to Furnace Creek. Today we'll leave the park by way of Harry Wade and head to Afton Canyon for the night.