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    2016 Tundra ARB Camper setup 100,000 mile Toyota Warranty

    Seems like you have an ideal set up! Too much camper for the truck?
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    Pennsylvania Dodge 3500 with pop top camper $25,000

    Truck Miles? Maintenance records available? Location? Willing to separate?
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    Exterior, aftermarket showers for FWC pop ups?

    Road showers are nifty but having the weight of water on top of the camper is going to make it very challenging if not impossible to pop up and down. Garden sprayer, solar shower style are good easy warm weather options. For actual heated water I would look at portable propane instant water...
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    Serious Talk - Considering a "disposable" pop-up TC

    Your situation sounds similar to mine. Would love to buy/build a sweet van camper but the prices are ridiculous!! Not to mention, you spend all that money, you hate to abuse it too much b/c you have so much money sunk into it and stuck with payments usually. I drooled over friends 4x4...
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    Shakey mirror fix with a printed bracket for the 80 series

    I used some JB Weld to redo mine Pics arent working
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    Pre vs Post circa 2012 FWC Question

    Having just made repairs to a Hawk 2012 and a Grandby 99 remodel in progress I can definitely share some points. 1. Composite lift panels (vs the wood ones which are vulnerable to rot from condensation?) If in a wet or damp climate the wood ones will get mildew/rot from condensation. Can...
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    My favorite set up by far! I have been trying to replicate this, got the camper already but is hard to find a 7.3 with a manual......
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    4x4 Revcon Trailblazer Motorhome

    Too kool not to share
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    1/2 Ton VS 3/4 Ton Trucks for Four Wheel Camper Hawk model?

    I had a Hawk in a 04 Tundra double cab. Ran just airbags first to handle the additional weight and it was usable but the leaf springs were acting more as shock absorbers than load carrying which was scaring me so I ordered a custom leaf pack. Custom springs, air bags, E rated tires now and the...
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    Isuzu ELF NPS Motorhome Turbo-Diesel 4X4 - Seattle

    seems insanely expensive with that interior
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    Best Pop Up Truck Camper for Winter Use

    There are several threads on here about mitigating under the bed condensation. The issue is most (if not all) cab overs are not insulated under the bed areas and with just a mattress there is no air circulation to mitigate condensation buildup. The Froli system looks pretty neat, although $$...
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    Low mileage 7.3 manual ford value?

    I have been looking for the same vintage but with super cab and 8ft bed for over a year now. Generally the 7.3 market is not as marked up as the cummins market for an equivalent truck. Prices for trucks with 70 to 150k miles have varied from 16k to 18k here in Alaska. I passed on the 70k miles...
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    First Alaskan-Flat bed side door entry-A dream

    wow great set up!!! I have lusted over an AK camper for a while just b/c it is the only insulated pop-up and has a full size door. I realize for most people a flatbed truck is not appealing but a side door makes for such a better camper layout inside, more real estate for hanging stuff off...