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  • Good thing you sent me those extra decals with the last order....sierra exp on the Mojave!

    hey, i have a tech question. on the top of the forum there is a rotating banner with advertisers. I have been trying to figure out how to chane the one on a local 4x4 site. we cant figure it out! HELP!

    thats the site.
    does "bump" just mean bump to top of forum list again? I think I'm getting it! these are the first forums I've ever been on. hey I forgot to ask you about that little letter and photos today... I also didn't get to tell you that I was reunited with a couple old AZLCA friends this weekend! haven't seen or heard from them in 10+ years! Cool huh?
    hey how come my post got moved to disabled explorers space ? I posted about the AZ game and fish expo with DE and OJ having a big display in completed events as it is a completed event but someone moved it to way down to disabled explorers area... its not just DE
    hey, how do I get to be an explorer instead of an observer? and I can't seem to put up an avitar or profile picture
    My girlfriend's mom's email is chrisbarth1@cox dot net. I don't know how much you're paying now, but I guess she charges around $20/sq foot.


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