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    Nissan NV Quigley 4x4 build.

    Very nice! Interested in following along as I think we will be selling our '15 Sprinter 4x4 this year for the "next build" and the Quigley NVs are top of my replacement list right now...IMO really underappreciated vans.
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    Looking to buy 05 or 06 tundra 4x4...

    Sorry looks like I missed out...thanks for the post regardless
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    Looking to buy 05 or 06 tundra 4x4...

    Would rather purchase outright but would consider trades for my '95 locked land cruiser...160k miles... Rust free Arizona truck...
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    2003 International 3800 Bus Conversion

    Interested in speaking with you. I'll send you a PM tonight with my contact...
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    $90,000 2005 Sportsmobile

    since the multitude of 4x4 and diesel 4x4 options came available with Nissan/transit/sprinter vans...the e series just don't hold their value like they once did...7.3l possibly excluded
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    4x4 Roadtrek Tundra - Mercedes Sprinter Van

    The articulation is very limited on 4x4 sprinters...
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    2017 4runner v 2017 Landcruiser

    Lucky for us in the US we get to buy a LC pickup...the Tundra...they have the same engine... :rolleyes: F250 is a POS compared to a 200 series since we are all comparing nuts to butts...
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    Promaster / Transit

    I'm currently pricing a "upsize" replacement for our 2015 shorty 144" Sprinter. After driving both a Transit 3500 high roof and a PM based RV...I would say that there is no way I would go PM...the unit was only 1 year old with 2K miles and rattled and shook like my 30 year old one ton pickup...
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    WTB reg cab tacoma or toyota pickup manual transmission

    Setting up shop in Tucson and looking for a runabout to get around, haul cactus, collect bikes, make sonoran hotdog get the idea. Budget 10K max...22re or 4cy preferred...4x4 not a must... Thanks Matt
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    Flooring material choices for conversion

    In our 144" we chose to insulate the factory floor and retain the ability to remove it using the factory attachment points...tie downs were placed where we need them. This pic is early on in the conversion... The factory floor is very easy to clean...
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    Unique Overland Truck For Sale

    arizona dmv will register most anything...
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    Any reasons to avoid 1st gen transit connect

    Thanks for the replies everyone...I think it will be great for our purpose...
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    Solar/Battery Help

    I would recommend a good marine wiring/solar book. We used many resources when switching our sprinter from a goal zero powered solar setup to a proper house battery setup...both have their advantages...but the marine guys especially sailors have their **** together...and give much better...
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    Any reasons to avoid 1st gen transit connect

    We are looking for a city size van to supplement our sprinter... basically a cargo build with storage/fridge and slide outs to haul our bikes around town...weekend adventures where we don't need a full size van. The early transit connects can be had for cheap here in AZ...they don't stick out in...