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    GXV Adventure Truck listed

    Im curious what the advantage is of an F750 when they have made plenty on 5500 chassis. Seems like they just add a bunch of height with no real gain? Love the look though.
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    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    People can choose what to do with their "hard earned money." If a pre-rev company wants to throw out renderings and see who bites while developing for another 6-8 months why not? If they in fact have 7 deposits secured, then the jokes on you I guess? I cannot fathom why you are consistently so...
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    Rocksea - EarthCruiser CORE Total Composites Build

    Will be following this build! Gotta love a couple with matching Yeti's.... Im excited to see what you do with the Coosa. We purchase a lot of product from Boat Outfitters, who sell a ton of that stuff. Only seen it on transoms before so Im intrigued by your application. Keep us up to date on...
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    1998 EarthRoamer ER2K - Build #1 - 1998 24v cummins auto 2500 shortbox quad cab $95k

    Looks like it was listed for $54k in 2017. Curious what mods where made between now and then.
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    2005 Ram 3500 overland flatbed

    Dig the paint. Not sure on the price but I appreciate the effort youve put in. Love a good 5.9. GLWS
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    2020 Winnebago Revel (4x4 Diesel Sprinter)

    Teasing us with that wild 110 defender in the background.....
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    Titan spare tire auxiliary fuel system for 6.4L gas

    I love ExPo.... I was just having this same thought today and of course it's asked here. Would love to eventually see this pan out. We havent decided on HO cummins or the 6.4L for our 3500. This tank would solve the range anxiety from the 6.4's mileage. Located in Socal, our proximity to MX is...
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    4x4 Sprinter - $185k

    Wild price for this specific build, but youre right... some Outside Van & Benchmark builds can even climb into the 300,000s. Big numbers but if you've got it, why not.
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    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman | AEV Prospector | FWC Grandby

    Looking forward to seeing your build progress! Please share how the headlight retrofit goes. I am considering ordering a tradesman and performing the same modification albeit with the blacked-out LED headlights -- however I was told that the LED headlight swap is only compatible if your truck...
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    National Luna 50L Dual Zone Fridge --- **UNOPENED**

    Hey there! I totally agree with you. We took our Luna out of our Toyota and tossed it in a Transit for a bit. Its crazy how many people overlook them. But I agree with you, they are definitely superior IMO, but the drawer style Isotherms and Vitrifrigos seem to be better than the door-style...
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    Sounds good! Thanks

    Sounds good! Thanks
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    National Luna 50L Dual Zone Fridge --- **UNOPENED**

    Gauging interest to see if anyone in southern California would be interested in purchasing an ** unopened** National Luna 50L Dual Zone Legacy Refrigerator. I have had one in my vehicle for quite some time now, and received this second fridge a month or so ago (from EQUIPT) for a 4x4 Sprinter...