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    2004 Mitsubishi Fuso FG for sale

    Hi Joe If you get the opportunity to drop me a quick email please do. Thanks
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    2004 Mitsubishi Fuso FG for sale

    If your Fuso is still available I would be interested in speaking with you about the truck. Let me know. Thanks
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    Just posting some pics of my FG

    .... as for the "again for sale" comment, I built this truck back in 2009, sold it in 2014, and the current owner is selling the truck due to a knee injury. That said, this Fuso FG is one of the best out there, so anyone wanting to split hairs on the specifics of the descriptive, you obviously...
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    FG headlights suck. Suggestions?

    Hi This was my solution on my '04 (see mid page)
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    Starting a home build FG and looking for lots of advice.

    ...personally I spent 5 years behind the wheel of my FG as a daily driver and I never once saw the need for sound deadening. Very quiet at speed, but that's my opinion, I guess.
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    4 Fuso 4X4's for sale. (yes, 4 of them for sale)

    (4) Fusos ad breakdown with pricing Ouch !
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    Just posting some pics of my FG

    ...bone stock suspension setup other than the 5100's. Never a problem for a beach truck.
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    2010 Fuso FG on eBay

    ... I am actually looking at this truck, but I really prefer a 112" wheelbase over the 136" That said, I have been reading tutorials on frame section removal, incorporating "step notch", "ship lap" or "Z channel" joining methods. Here is one example...
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    2007 FG Instrument Panel Lights Out

    Had that happen on my 2004 FG. Ended up being a wire that had worked it's way between the box and the frame, eventually rubbing the plastic off and causing it to ground. I repaired it and then re-routed the wires. Never happened again after that. Hope that helps.
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    2003 Unimog U500 Mercedes-Benz Freightliner 33k GVW 6900 mile

    That's how we waste the tax payers money here in Virginia.
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    Diving in Head First!

    I considered the Toyos, but in the end, I went with the 37" BFG Mud Terrains. I have always been partial to BFG's, though. That said, if you are fitting 37" tires, and your truck has AC, you are going to have to move the AC cooling fan/radiator unit a bit forward and a bit upward. Otherwise...
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    Diving in Head First!

    I believe that All Terrain Warriors had a parabiloc set-up available here in the US.
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    Diving in Head First!

    My 2004 FG is not particularly modified, but please feel free to contact me during the occasional ****** moment. Nice truck, by the way. Good for you. James
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    Just posting some pics of my FG

    Updated lighting I purchased my Fuso FG, specifically a 2004 model, because I personally liked the look of the truck better than the trucks that were offered after it. To me, the truck looks very distinct, as the later trucks, compared to Isuzu's. Hino's... some how all look all the same. I...