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    Daughter's new channel and trip to Lake Mineral Wells, Texas

    Very enjoyable video! Our children are grown and living their own lives. But having them around for Thanksgiving was of course many things to talk include long ago RV trips & camping, fishing, hiking, looking at rocks, snorkeling. This video just reinforces that doing...
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Nice. I really like your secure outside storage with both the under bed and the compartment behind the cab and the short wheelbase. In the context of this thread...I'm willing to bet that both of us were surprised on how fast the weight goes up when your loaded for real life travel. Over...
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    72 IH + ‘85 Alaskan = Questionable Judgment...

    Really enjoy seeing classics returning to life! Great thread and thanks.
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Looks like a well thought out rig. I hope you have some type of rear view camera...that rear end looks fairly "soft" in regards to feeling your way backwards. How does this weigh out loaded?
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Just offered as a reference: 2005 Ram 3500 crew cab with the 5.9 Cummings on 35's. Steel Buckstop bumper and 12K winch. Hillsborough aluminum flatbed with custom aluminum boxes, twin swingouts for trash/toilet box & spare tire. Loaded with all the crap for real life extended travel. Rear...
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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    A sad story and lessons to be learned. Over the last couple of years with retirement I have found myself traveling solo more and in areas that often had no cell service. I never invested in a personal rescue device like a SPOT or similar - but this year I did. I got a SPOT4 and to date...
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    Whirlwind Trip though Big Bend National Park

    Great report. Heading down in January and these details have helped me plan. Thanks!
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    From VA to the west coast in a 7.3L

    Being a past truck cap camper: condensation is addressed by insulation and ventilation. A great way to insulate your floor is to buy a BedRug ( They offer kits for both the bed walls and floor or just the floor mat. I did just the floor mat and loved it for the insulation and...
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    '05 Ram3500 with 5.9 Cummings. Hillsborough aluminum tray, aluminum storage boxes, Buckstop front bumper with 12k winch, rear swingouts for spare and storage box, two 5 gallon Scepter can holders. FWC Hawk camper. The four most appreciated features of this rig are storage, outside cooking...
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    FWC hinge replacement part?

    You want to sell one of those spares? If so PM me.
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    FWC: help identifying screen door slider?
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    FWC hinge replacement part?

    I can't recall the details from memory but I can help a bit: unscrew the hinge plate and stamped on the back is the hinge makers web site and the model number too! Ours broke in a similar manner as in your photo and I was going to order one...I just used JB Plastic Weld as a temporary fix...and...
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    2008 Tacoma A.R.E DCU cap build out.

    Very nice rig! Your right about the SlumberJack Tarp. The perfect tarp for a truck cap camper. Just the right size and so many ways to rig it.
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    Another FWC in the wind thread... whats the Flap Factor on a FWC?

    Our FWC Hawk has been through a couple of very strong thunderstorms. I'd venture to say at least 35-40 mph winds. No tendency to collapse from wind load noted. No real "flapping" either of the vinyl occasional puff would move it in/out but no "tent flapping". Of course thunder is...
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    22 BS thread

    This was my go to truck & small game rifle until I picked up the Ruger 10/22 I recently posted. I'm retiring it. An older Stevens Firearms Company 22/410 combination. Top barrel is .22, the bottom .410 shotgun. Nice wood stock. The rear lever opens the action, typical external manual...