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    2018 XL F150 4x4 Reg Cab Long Bed Flatbed with Four Wheel Camper Grandby Shell - Seattle, WA

    Need photos of dog. Really nice rig build. GLWS and safe travel!
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    Cross Country to Montana and Wyoming... (Very pic heavy)

    Can you describe your camping set up for this trip?
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    Vaelintine's Day in Big Bend Ranch

    Nice trip. Thanks!
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    Camp bed time, what’s your set up

    There are times I tent, times I hammock, and then times in "the Ritz" (as I call my truck camping set up). Main concepts are flexibility and simplicity: I can go from an empty truck bed to "go camping mode" in about 15 minutes. Also I store my basic truck camping gear in the bins all the...
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    Ford 1997 F250/350 OBS Ex-cab 4x4 5-speed Might be the same one...
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    2005 Chevy C4500 Duramax 4x4 Motorhome Las Vegas area

    Very nice design and build. GLWS!
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    truck topper as a place to camp?

    My set up: I like a removable mid-rise topper - I want some headroom & as needed I can remove the topper, so no permanent furniture/fittings . I use a Roll-a-Cot (shown previously by other posters), a Thermarest pad, and sleeping bag. Topper has opening and screened windows. I have a 12vt...
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    My life is an adventure, 2000 Suburban is the vessel

    Wonderful...thanks for posting!
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    Wandering the West in a pickup

    Nice is the bed cap camping setup working out?
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    SOLD - SOLD 2006 Ford E-350 Super-Duty Camper Van - $30,000 -OBO

    This may help folks: No relation to seller...just linking photos.
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    The Fun Hog Build Thread: 2007 Chevy Express AWD

    Great thread and build. Many nice design aspects. Have a wonderful journey!
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    NEW Camper Walk-through Videos (Grandby Model w/ Side Dinette)

    Excellent....really gives a good look into the Grandby details. Thanks! Minor point...the gas detector is for CO / Carbon Monoxide a product of combustion.
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    I love that rig! GLWS! FYI: About 3 months ago I was on a road/trail and came across a creek crossing that I had been across many times in my JK. Stuck in the middle was a Gen1 Tacoma. Water was 3/4 up the wheels. I pulled him out (backwards) with my strap. During the pull, I noticed no...
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    First Alaskan-Flat bed side door entry-A dream

    Thank you for posting this information and photos. That side door is fantastic! I love the way it modifies the interior and softens the "linear feel" of the typical truck camper layout. I'm drooling over how easy it would be to have bumper mounted racks for a small motorcycle or bikes and...