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    Sumo spring for truck with campers

    Installed locally.
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    Sumo spring for truck with campers

    Yes, the oem/superspings combo replaced by the Deavers progressive springs, that were custom built to handle weight of the f250 with popup camper.
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    Sumo spring for truck with campers

    I'm running a carli 2.5 pintop suspension, with sumosprings replacing the bumpstop, helwig hd swaybar and deaver full leaf pack on f250 with popup camper. Softer ride than previous oem with supersprings
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    F350 Custom Camper Build Questions

    Appears the truck lifted. Any idea whether that affects payload?
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    Add a leaf or block for rear height fix?

    I have set of 2.5in carli pintops so added super springs raising the rear 2in on my f250. Handles well with my Phoenix camper but sits a hair low so thinking of swapping the Super Springs for a set of used Deaver customs (rated for camper) with 4.5in lift. Thinking I'll need to remove the 2in...
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    Snow pics continued. Maze Overlook campground, Canyonland Utah.
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    F250/350 Deaver Leafs

    I have an f250 with cari 2.5 pintop and Phoenix popup. Looking for deaver springs, I think 4.5" would handle the weight but a bit too high.
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    Shipping costs doesn't work for me Thanks
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    I'll take a pair
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    need feed back for which truck and pop up camper to buy

    See article in
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    Full size with service bodies?

    Aluminum service body may save some weight
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    Full size with service bodies?

    So far no issues.
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    Full size with service bodies?

    I'm running a regular cab with 8ft service body. No experience with regular bed but figure you'll have a narrower camper foot print but more outside storage...reverse for regular bed. Then there's the weight difference. Steel utility bed may weight more than regular bed. I allocate...