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    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    Looks like the factory drilled the holes for a CVT/Tepui width ladder.
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    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    It doesn't have a window. You won't be seeing anything with the roof open unless you take the rain fly off.
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    Smittybilt overlander 2783

    Floor is the same at Tepui/CVT. Gen 1 tents had aluminum sheeting for the floors. It dented less maybe? Been a while since I looked at mine.
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    Smittybilt Overlander RTT Review

    I'm not sure how you'll add a spreader bar as the tent material covers up the metal bow. You'll have to trim some material. The bugs are still likely coming in from the flaps where it folds or the corners for the covered entrance poles. Customer service has been great, I've dealt with the two...
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    Smittybilt Overland XL RTT-New product.

    I deal with one of the r&d guys quite often, I'll shoot him an email and see what's up.
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    XJ project MORTY

    That rack looks a lot like the one I built for mine. Looks good.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

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    Smittybilt RTT anyone seen one or use one

    Yep. Same as my first tent. These tents have some nice features compared to the newer ones. The cover is nicer, and the pole ends where they bolt to the hinge are metal instead of plastic. I've been meaning to do a comparison video between this tent and the newer ones:)
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    Smittybilt RTT anyone seen one or use one

    Is the floor the blueish grey material or white?
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    Smittybilt RTT anyone seen one or use one

    Looks like an early to mid 2015 tent. The mesh on these is nicer than the newer ones in my opinion. Also, these have the bigger doors(taller) and windows which are nice.
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    URGENT HELP - 95 YJ 4.0L Shutting Off

    Crank position sensor.
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    Jeep Cherokee XJ - Contender for the Overlanding Crown?

    I disagree about the load capacity. GVWR on the XJ is superb at 4900lbs. Finding a modern, similar sized vehicle with that much payload capacity would be difficult. My XJ is a little slow going up large hills, but it will maintain 65mph up them, even close to GVWR. MPG isn't great, but it gets...
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    RTT Removal/install

    Is this considered cheating?
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I think you'll be happy with their tent if you go with it. I've had a few and it's nearly the same as a CVT or what not. The poles are a little smaller than their tents, and the cover is definitely a big cost saver vs a zip on cover, but that's the main difference.
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    Looking for ideas on a reasonably priced rrt

    A roof basket isn't the way to go with a RTT, nor will it be too happy with the weight imo. I would look at having a flat rack made, or just use Thule cross bars. Check out Smittybilt for affordable tents.