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    2014 Ram 5500 4x4 Lifted Super Single Overland/Brush Rig- $55,000

    Very nice truck! I'm curious if you've ever measured the deflection of that bed? It looks like it could be very stiff and therefore suitable for hard mounting certain types of camper.
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    SOLD - 2017 Mercedes-Benz 4x4 sprinter 2500 - 170wb high roof w/ warranty

    It's a full length queen? I didn't think that sprinters were that wide up high without flares or similar.
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    Would help to have some more information for something like this. What door style on the box? What SRW setup? What has been done on the build other than the propane and SRW conversion? Is the ramp part of the unicell body? Etc...
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    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad W/ Bison Overland Composite Flatbed Camper

    Lovely rig! It looks like many of the images that were uploaded are thumbnails (mostly <50kb), so you may want to check the source files and upload again. (Feel free to delete this comment once addressed.)
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    2018 Dodge 5500, 2017 Overland Explorer x10

    What's the current asking price and mileage?
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    For Sale: 2007 Fuso FG140 Overland Expedition Vehicle - PRICE REDUCTION to $119,000. Was 129,000

    Perhaps I missed it -- where is this rig located? Could you post some pictures of the roof/rack? Thanks!
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    2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road Double Cab 4WD - Army Green - Built - 6000 Miles

    Beautiful truck and seems fairly priced. A pet peeve, though: the buyer will pay sales tax on the truck, so comparing your after-tax costs to their pre-tax price isn't the most useful comparison. Better to quote the price of the customization without taxes. Also -- if you purchased parts for...
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    $16,000 - 1999 LX 470 - 100 series Light Build

    Hi -- please post a price and your location. Thanks!
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    Total Composites flatbed build

    Curious to hear where this project is. I've been thinking that my next build might go this direction.