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  • I'm a restless sleeper and up 3+ times a night so that's why i went back to a tent. Easier to stand up ;)

    If I wasn't concerned about parking I would have kept the fan on.

    To do it all over again, and for a camping dedicated rig I would have ordered the taller slope-front verision (3" or maybe 6" higher). Instead of one big door on each side I would have done split doors with cabinets in the forward-most compartments. I would definitely keep the back door format the same. It makes a great shade/shelter. I would consider no window in back as well, as dark as it is the rearward visibility is quite limited.
    Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't see that you responded on this page.

    Was camping in the back just not working out that well? The reason I ask is that I want to be able to sleep in it with my wife while we are out exploring. Would there be anything different you would do to make it more suitable for this task?

    Also, did the fan not work out, or did you remove only because of the height? Thanks.
    Have to think about it. Forgot that post was still up there.

    I made a couple changes to it. Took the fan out and riveted the hole closed so I can park in the garage. Still have the fan its just not installed. Also don't have the curtains anymore. Regardless I'd still be at $1200 firm. If you're in the OC you could come check it out although I'm headed out of town next saturday.
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