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  • Dude, yeah I'm on still, but not much until very recently lol. Have a love/hate relationship with the truck the last few months. That and the company I contract to for work isn't helping the situation either.

    For as often as I'm actually here, exmilitary@gmail.com might be easier than the msg system here :)

    Take care bud.
    Yes! Sorry I didnt see your message sooner... I don't come onto my own stats page often. Send me a PM if you're still on here and want to meet up sometime for drinks
    Is this the same "ert" that used to drive a white XJ? Used to hang out with a guy named JP that drove a camo YJ? The same guy I sat with on 23rd Ave with a dead Truck camper and trailer near Millwoods own centre?

    The ert I know, knows guys that go by the handles "Empty Mags", "Midgetspy" & "Blastyman"?

    If not, never mind & sorry to bug ya.
    If so, yeah, I'm back in Edmonton now dude! Long time no see :)
    John (JP)
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