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    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Would it be safe to assume that the factory catback exahust will not work with the URD Ypipe? Looks like a great setup!
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    LOUD E350 interior

    i had a 6.0 van, sprayed lizard skin ceramic insulation / sound deadening over the whole floor section, inside the dog house and up the side walls about 6" then installed a BedRug brand carpet/padding, it was extremely quiet inside. you can do a DIY version of lizard skin if you google it, end...
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    How would you build the bed area of a LB Tacoma?

    yeah they just share the middle bracket, the seat back can be unbolted from that bracket and still utilize the single seat, although it would only be out for 9 months or so, so it might be worth while to pull the them all out and build clothing drawers or something.
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    2010 Tacoma with cone type air filter and breather system

    depends what kinda filter it is, but warm water usually works for me. if its an oiled filter like K&N you may need their solvent cleaner to remove old oils and grease build up.
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    How would you build the bed area of a LB Tacoma?

    I just might have to pull the double seat side out and leave it at my parents house while i finish school, that would free up a ton of space. Had not thought about going that route.
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    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    yeah it was empty, i used a SPV and filled it up with r134a with leak stop and it worked like a champ now.
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    How would you build the bed area of a LB Tacoma?

    I currently have a 2013 DCLB tacoma with a roof level camper shell, i am going to be living out of the back of my truck while finishing up school in colorado. How would you build the bed of the truck for long term living? I do have a 63qt Edgestar fridge now and would like to utilize that...
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    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    So yesterday i picked up a 63qt edge star fridge for free off craigslist, the only tid bit of info i got was that it no longer cools. It powers on just fine and the transformer fan works, the fan next to the compressor works, the compressor checked out good when checking for continuity, and the...
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    repairing an edgestar 63qt. help

    the side panel was off when i picked it up, so far ive removed all electronics from inside to clean out the dog hair and check connections, saw a few youtube videos about checking continuity on the compressor, which checked out fine. ive tightened everything and have it plugged in now, hopefully...
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    repairing an edgestar 63qt. help

    browsing craigslist today for random things i came across a free Non Cooling edgestar fridge, figured it couldnt hurt to try and fix it. (If the guy who gave it away is on here, thanks, it will work for me working or not ha) The guy i picked it up from said he has no idea what could be the...
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    Random 6.0 questions...

    on my 06 that i had, i did all the upgrades except standpipes, dummy plugs and head studs. so it had EGR delete, new cooler, stc fittings, drain tube, removed and cleaned turbo, yadda yadda. but i ran an SCT tuner and tune files from 5Star tuning as they are familar with vans and RV type tunes...
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    Paradise 2 Pavement

    How long are ya in the Denver area for? My brother Kyle (Keylay on here) told me about your trip, Im out in the downtown area if you care to grab a beer and talk travels as i did a 14k mile trip a couple years ago.
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    re-gearing for 33"s on 1st gen

    what would be a good gear for a 5spd 3.4 on 33s? i live in denver with frequent trips up the mountain and it lacks any umph up the mountain or steep inclines at elevation. I am not sure what gears are in there now (01 trd offroad)
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    1st gen tacoma intake snorkle questions

    on my 1st gen i bought, the antenna was removed and a windshield antenna was installed, so now i have a mangled hole where the antenna used to be. My idea was to punch out that hole to about 3" and plumb up a mid rise snorkle that you see on hummers. it gets the intake tube from out behind the...
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    Your favorite camping meals

    My go-to meal while camping/traveling is: 1 bag of boil in bag rice 1/2 pound ground beef a mixture of peas/carrots/corn/lima beans some times ill chop up a potato rice gets cooked on its own, all the other ingredients get wrapped up in foil and cook in their own juices and grease, once done...