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    Stabilizing Jacks-Please help!

    I use Ark's XO Drop Down Corner steadies and have been very happy with them on my Xventure trailer. They also make a version that doesn't permanently attach to the trailer too.
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    Thoughts on RLD design truck cap/canopy?

    The only reason I went with RLD Canopy of the Alu-Cab canopy camper is I wouldn't be able to fit in my garage. Go with what you will use the most and provide the best value to you.
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    Aluminum Flat-bed-canopy Colorado Diesel Build

    Man, I am mighty impressed of what can come out of "I want to keep 4 mountain bikes clean and secure". But in all honesty I am jealous of your skills and ingenuity and very proud you did this to a diesel ZR2. Keep up the awesome work.
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    Thoughts on RLD design truck cap/canopy?

    I did have it shipped to me, there was no damage at all, you basically have to destroy the "wooden"/masonite box as there are metal edges where the rivet the box together. I wish I had your luck with craigslist, I've got a pile of pallets in my backyard that get chopped up and eventually make...
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    Thoughts on RLD design truck cap/canopy?

    1. Some dust can get in there, but think about it's placement like the raised air intakes/snorkels you see, the air coming in creates the positive pressure, meaning dust doesn't come in from anywhere else (tailgates are especially leaky. It's the best dust determent by far. I've never used it in...
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    Thoughts on RLD design truck cap/canopy?

    I would say hold out for what you really want, the wait is just the way of the world these days, I ordered my RLD topper in Jan. 2021 and got in Late August/Early September of 2021, so they are spot on for the 8 month wait. There really is no comparison to any other topper, as the RSI is modular...
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    Got a new ground tent

    This is directly on their website that you linked to. My observation, one they don't list weight, that's a serious mis-step on their part, but the 30 minute setup should of been your first clue.
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    Anyone using an GMC AT4 or any other GM pickup for overlanding?

    Rumors have that there will also be HD ZR2
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    Anyone using an GMC AT4 or any other GM pickup for overlanding?

    Just ordered a 2022 Silverado ZR2 in Glacier Blue Metallic, with sunroof, technology package (heads-up display, adaptive cruise control, tilt/telescoping steering column, rear view camera mirror), engine block heater, multi-flex tailgate, and rock rails. For 2022 it only comes in Crew Cab/Short...
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    Redarc BCDC Charger and Yeti 1500x

    I would check the upfitter's guide to your particular vehicle. I know with my Chevrolet ZR2 Bison, there are several ways to keep the "smart" alternator to output at full power. Thing like turning on the headlights or turning on the "electric" defroster, etc. If you want to go through the BCDC...
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    New Bronco

    I've owned the New Beetle 2 TDI Convertible, it was the first and willing to bet my 401k money that it will be the last diesel convertible. I liked that it was based on the Golf platform, it rode well and handled well, albeit a bit too heavy. And don't get me wrong, as a gay man having over 40...
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    New Bronco

    I think there is a real difference here between retro style and modern capability. The Bronco raises the bar in some ways in terms of comfort, technology and capability. All the PT cruiser had was style, it wasn't actually a good vehicle. Will the hey day 20K + MSRP go away, most likely, but not...
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    For 2021, Sasquatch requires 2.7 6 cylinder and automatic tranny, from the pics it has the modular bumper and the brush guard.
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    Fridge/PortablePowerStation/Solar Help Please!

    I've been running ARB Elements with an Alu-cab Fridge Slide mounted to my Decked drawers, and a Goal Zero Lithium 1000, I only have portable solar panel arrays so I have tried fixed solar panels on top of my RTT. I would not suggest running any portable power station in the bed of your truck...
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    Finally got the RLD Designs topper on: