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  • DEFINITELY! I actually always wanted to do something like that with a Wilderness, though it's very hard to find them around here on the East Coast. A Flip Pac would be very similar, through I always liked the idea of a built in side canopy that the Wilderness would give. I'd say go for it, just remember to get an aluminum or fiberglass unit to help keep the weight down.

    i saw your trailer a while back when i was first cruising this forum before i even registered. i been thinking about a similar trailer but doing a flip pac or northwestern type top. something i could take on and off using the trailer and utility trailer when needed. do you think something like that would be doable after you experience with the work bed trailer?
    I am building a utility box trailer and am trying to figure out how to build the frame and what size axle. You have any info? Hub face distance? Any help would be appreciared!
    Still have it... Hadn't put up an official message yet since it's cooling down and I was looking forward to a couple more camping trips. But it's still for sale. Let me know if you have any questions. You can use elmo_4_vt@yahoo.com if you want too.
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