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    Off the market. Gonna run'em. 😁😎 Baja Designs LP9 Pro LED Spot Lights

    Bottom left of top picture states $700.00.
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    Frontrunner rack RTT mount SOLD

    I'll take them! What form of payment would you like? Thanks! Eric
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    Shipping to 52501? or your area code is I can estimate shipping. Thanks!
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    Payment sent, Please send to: ERIC FRITZ 2319 N...

    Payment sent, Please send to: ERIC FRITZ 2319 N COURT St OTTUMWA IOWA 52501 THANKS!!
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    Works for me how would you like payment? Will Paypal work?

    Works for me how would you like payment? Will Paypal work?
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    (SOLD) New Kodiak Canvas 1-person swag tent

    Shipping to 52501 please. Thanks! Eric
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    Sold: Warn Epic Snatch Block 18,000lbs at Expo

    Sold? If not I will take it.
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    Brought home a 2016 Dodge Power Wagon

    35-37 tires Check out the AEV Pro-Cal. No experience with one yet. I have 35's on my 16 and the spedo is off by about 3 mph.
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    A Pair of Very Low Mile 2005 & 2008 TW200 Dual Sports in Colorado $3500 for both

    TW's Very interested, trying to justify two trips to Colorado in about a month. Eric
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    Power wagon rambox problems

    Rambox Rack Try Nuthouse industries, I looked at their rack at expo west it looks very well thought out. If I remember correctly they male two heights and versions with or without removable top rails.
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    Parting out 1997 Landcruiser FJ80 in SoCal.

    1997 80 Paul What was the original color? Frame or body rust? Thanks! Eric
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    New 80 Series owner with Tire Predicament.. Need Your Help

    80 Tires I have a set of Toyo Open Country A/T's 295/75 r16 load range E on my 97 and love them. I put them on with stock 179,000 mile springs and I did not have any rubbing issues, I have since replaced the springs with OME stock height springs and 15mm spring packers and the look is great.
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    FS: Pair of Rigid Dually (Flood)

    Rigid floods I'll take them will pay pal work for payment? Thanks! Eric
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    Cast Dutch Oven(s) in SoCal

    Dutch oven After you learn how to use them you will want to keep both. Especially for $30.00.