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    WTB: Toyota Tacoma or Land Cruiser 80/100

    We just brought home a new Tacoma on Thursday. Our well-cared for 2006 Tacoma, double cab, 4x4, short bed, V-6, auto will be available very soon - like a week. I've yet to take photos relative to the sale but I have a couple of images from past trips if I can figure out how to add them after...
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    Rear main seal leak

    Thanks for the comments Hootowl. I'll take it in this coming week, no sense in delaying the inevitable. Ed
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    Rear main seal leak

    Valve cover? Hadn't looked closely. We took it to a Toyota dealer in San Jose del Cabo who diagnosed it, showed me what appears to be an inspection cover and the oil was coming from inside, but I will take a look as you suggest. The dealer didn't have the part in stock. Guess we should have...
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    Rear main seal leak

    On a Baja trip two months ago I noticed a slight rear main seal leak - 2006 Tacoma V-6, 4.0L with about 150,000 miles. It's still very slight, a drip or two per day. So, do I just let it go until it gets worse? I figure the repair will be pretty costly to install a relatively inexpensive seal...
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    2nd generation Tacoma rack for Action Packers

    Custom made to securely hold three Action Packers. Mounts on top of the bed rails of a 2006 Toyota Tacoma, may fit other years. As you can see from the photos, there is still some limited visibility out the rear window. Item is located in the high desert in Hesperia, east of San Bernardino. $150...
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    Kayaked on the L.A. River this Weekend

    The pictures posted make it look cool - what about shall we say, the less scenic parts? How many miles did this adventure cover - what part(s) of the river? ed
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    Near Death on The North Rim !!!

    A real adventure Dave - your story and the way you extended it over a few posts was great, if not purposely done! I mean, who can resist picking up a book and continuing to read the next chapter of a good story. Your adventure and experiece has obviously rekindled the thoughts so many of us...
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    Baja 1000 - My New Found Drug

    The $20, or $21, or $22 is almost certainly for a tourist visa, you fill out paperwork one place, pay at a bank, return for your signed and stamped visa. These are required by Mexican law if you are in Baja more than 72 hours or travel further south than San Felipe on the Gulf side or Ensenada...
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    Surely, someone has to be wanting to get rid of their Lowrance HDS-5 GPS!

    Map Create software makes ALL the difference! Great detail - we used it on a trip from So Cal to Washington DC - never missed a beat with it. The POI information was spot on. POI = points of interest. Ed
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    Lowrance Baja 540 Software

    Map software I purchased my MapCreate 7.0 from PCI Race Radios - I think Long Beach or Signal Hill, So. Cal. Ed
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    2005+ Tacoma Mileage

    mileage 2006 double cab v-6 4x4 265 tires I don't dwell on mileage nor almost ever check it. It is what it is and I really like the truck for what we use it for. Highway 20 mpg pretty much loaded or unloaded. In town I bet it is down to about 16 although I've not checked it exactly. Towing a...
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    05+ Tacoma Dual Battery Location

    photograph What year model vehicle is the photograph? The 2006 Tacoma is pretty darned small area occcupied by the factory battery. I saw the Overland tray with two Odyssey batteries but again pretty pricey - though I'm not arguing the value of these batteries. In my earlier response I did not...
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    05+ Tacoma Dual Battery Location

    Dual batteries in the stock location - why not? For me it's the initial investment - Option #1 $150+ for the Columbia Overland mount plus two new batteries - Option #2 one battery. ED
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    05+ Tacoma Dual Battery Location

    Battery location I'm faced with the same dilema and also don't think I'd do the dual batteries in place of the single factory battery. I haven't really begun a search but now knowing it is possible to squeeze a group 51 battery in there I will give it more thought. I'll wait for further...
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    Winch with a single battery?

    Optima I see two folks are using the Optima Red Top with success. So I went to Optima's web site and see that they now recommend the Yellow Top as their site says: Demand More from Your Vehicle? The YellowTop® high-performance AGM battery is one of the only true dual-purpose automotive...