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    Leaks from Springbar's sewn-in floor?

    I have the Family Camper 7 and no leak issues from anywhere in that tent. I do have the ground cover too.
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    Wind resistant wide brim hats
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    Anyone in Las Vegas have a Schutt XV-2

    Not in Las Vegas but 3 hours away from you in Southern California. You are welcome to take a look at mine if you are down this way. PM me if you have any questions. Ed
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    Water heater seen at overland expo......

    Might be the Kariba Hot Water System. Paul May at Equipt is the North American Distributer I believe. YouTube video.
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    de lorme in reach

    Article in the local paper today regarding an injured hiker rescue and In Reach activation.
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    Lifestyle Overland: The Enchanted Rockies Trail

    Great videos, thanks for posting. I have family in Santa Fe and would like to replicate some of the trip. What off-road tire pressure did you find best for the runner and trailer? Thanks
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    Springbar tents. Which one?

    My suggestion? Road trip. You are only 430 miles from Salt Lake City and the Springbar show room. All the tents are set up on the second floor ready to inspect and also ask questions. I had numerous questions and made a weekend trip of it from Southern California. Ordered the 10 x 14 and the...
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    How does a 4runner tow an XVenture???

    Where are you located? I'm in Southern California and you can come and tow mine around town if you want to see how it tows. My LX470 is rated for 5500 lbs and it tows great. I certainly feel the weight on long steep grades, the Mammoth Grade out of Bishop being one, but just stayed in the right...
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    Roaming the Eastern Sierra Nevada Caldera

    Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading it.
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    Nice folding charcoal starting chimney

    Reviving this for those who may still interested in a folding charcoal chimney.
  12. E use one?

    I have a Rhino Rack bag and have been happy with it. They have several sizes to choose from. Ours has been rainproof so far and is holding up well. Rola bags get generally good reviews on Amazon, they might be worth looking at.
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    North Rim, Grand Canyon Full Monty, North West Overland Rally
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips

    It can get expensive watching his trips. After watching the first one I had to order a Weber Q grill. Now working on an Australia trip! Great videos though.
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    Anyone have an XVenture by Schutt Ind ?

    We have had ours since May and have been extremely happy with it. We have family in Santa Fe and look forward to doing some exploring there in the spring. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.