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  • EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles
    Manufacturers of the EarthCruiser range of vehicles.
    EarthCruiser EXP - Expedition Vehicle

    EarthCruiser EXP ... at a glance this vehicle awakens the adventurer’s spirit!
    The All-Terrain EarthCruiser denies its travellers nothing; whether exploring pristine beaches in the lush tropics, breathing in the cool stillness of an ancient rainforest or contemplating the ever changing beauty of the desert...
    EarthCruiser EXP takes you there safely.
    Your EarthCruiser EXP allows you to leave the beaten path, really leave it, and experience the unique and captivating places that other travellers will never know exist. Furthermore, as the EarthCruiser EXP takes you remote locales, you do not leave behind the necessities of modern life ... your EarthCruiser EXP is well equipped with creature comforts for an extended stay.
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