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    2005 Unimog U500 With Alaskan Camper

    Fully featured, professionally maintained 2005 U500 with a 2010 lift roof Alaskan Camper. This truck features most options offered by Mercedes on the U500. The truck was stretched to 190" wheelbase to better accommodate a camper platform. Features added include a multipurpose platform with...
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    Material selection: water tanks, fuel, coolant, A/C and brakes

    I agree with Scoutn79 that there no need to make this overly complicated. Use standard parts unless you have a very good reason to vary. Marine supply has high quality heater hose to route coolant.
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    Lithium 1000w generator

    This trend in repackaging batteries with inverter/chargers is interesting. There's one on the front page too.
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    Help me Decide on a Furnace, for the Adrenalin - Propex, Espar, Webasto, Other?

    I've become fond of my electric blanket. 60w draw when on, I figure it averages 30w on a really cold night. So pretty close to a 12v frig. I think this is a good option for campers with decent house batteries with owners who don't want to run a catalytic heater while sleeping. Before, when I...
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    Charging a battery with ARB fridge connected?

    I agree it's no problem. All of us with installed 12v fridges plug into shore power. Vast numbers of RVs are charged every day with electrical devices running. The situation may not be ideal, but all chargers and 12v appliances have to be designed with this real world use.
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    Real life MPG numbers wanted.

    I agree. Most people maybe should just skip the diesel unless there's a compelling reason to not use a gas engine (extreme mileage, single fuel, vehicle weight) I get ~9-10 mpg driving 60-65. In my case I think the pop-up helps a lot a higher speeds.
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    diesel generator???

    Cheaper to just have a proper alternator with correct connections to the batteries.
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    EarthRoamer XV-HD is Announced

    Perhaps you're not aware that ER went bankrupt not to long ago. Many businesses can look easy from the outside. But consistently making money in any recreational vehicle business is rare. There must be decent profits in the good times to have any chance of surviving the lean years. GXV has...
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    Fuso FM260 Rear Rack - tires and m-c

    I really like this setup. I'm unclear how it locks in the up position.
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    BAE SD Brazos Chassis now available through GXV

    Yikes. 85mph in a 25000+ pound camper? More power might be nice sometimes when going up a pass, but I would never normally cruise much over 65. I don't think tires would be rated at 85mph either. Hopefully we'll get to see a long 6x6 GXV build on one of these chassis.
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    The New Subaru XV

    From the little published data available all the recent subaru engines appear reliable. I don't even know what engine I have in my 2009 Outback, other than it's the 4. There are very few bad engines anymore. I like the larger displacement four cylinder in these vehicles rather than the lower gas...
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    Alaskan Camper Build Up

    Looks great. I have fond memories of the Alaskan workshop. I'll be out in WA next month.
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    "NEW SHOW" GXV on the Travel Channel

    We need pics! I'm an Illinois native. There's a few or us here. Just a few........
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    "NEW SHOW" GXV on the Travel Channel

    Saw the rerun Friday evening. The GXV segment looked great and the company came off very professional and smart. Seeing the high-end featherlite RV segment made me realize how uninteresting I find those vehicles.