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    NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

    How do you plan to mimic the motions of the top mount OEM shifter on the 4500? I have seen the factory NPR manual transmission and it is a bit strange. I supposed with a decent CAD program, the levers, angles, moments and lengths could all be figured out so that each movement of the shifter...
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    Diy alaskan camper style build

    Plascore quotes each panel as a custom job. You specify the density and thickness of the core, the size of the cells, if you want lace or scrim over the cells for laying fabric, how thick the lace is, how many layers there are, face sheet thickness and material and so on. Example: four pound...
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    Diy alaskan camper style build

    Caveat Emptor in re: Carbon Core. They have had some serious delamination and voiding issues in the past. You are MUCH better off making your own panels or working with a local boat builder, airplane manufacturer or composites shop. You can learn something, control quality and costs. Carbon Core...
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    Overland Sprinter Build

    ^^ Makrolon The solution to dust intrusion between the panels and preventing condensation is to either vacuum the space between the panes or fill it with an inert gas such as Argon or Krypton. This is how commercial, insulated glass is made. Drill a hole in the top Lexan pane, as high up as you...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    A Sprinter can be had in a 144" wheelbase. A RCLB F-150, along with a SuperCab medium box F-150 and a Raptor, can all be had in a 144.5" wheelbase. Coincidence? Body swap? :D
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    Volvo C304 TGB13 6x6 "BreadBox" Poptop Van Thing

    Very cool on the Creepy's. :ylsmoke:
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    This is NOT air conditioning, but if you stay out of extreme temperatures, insulate your van well and stay in drier climates, it could be an option.
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    I did not view the entire video, but I did stumble across this a few days ago and had placed it in queue. The system seems to be massive overkill and Tim's mounting solution is quite impractical, IMO.
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    You may struggle to find a mini split (residential or commercial) that is small enough for a small camper. The quality brands seem to stop making units about 9,000 BTU, as these are designed for room heating and cooling. I considered this one for a camper build a few years ago, but when you...
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    You will have the same issues finding those in 12VDC as people who want 12VDC HVAC. The math simply does not work. 1,000W = 3412 BTU = 12 volts (nominal) at 84 AMPS! You may find smaller IR quartz heaters, similar in nature, but the power output will be quite low. Maybe that works for you, but...
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    From my camper notes: Far infrared ceiling panels, made in WA: Research Far-Infrared Heating mats from companies like Arkon in Canada and WarmUp. I also considered embedding these in a ceiling, floor or wall to create levels or zones of...
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    Isuzu NPR Camper

    Stock cargo boxes, with framing and insulation will be heavy compared to a box made from honeycomb or foam based sandwich/cored panels. Many cargo boxes have a translucent plastic top and roll up doors or French doors in the rear. These doors do not seal well and are heavy. The roof is light...
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    Registering under a Montana LLC

    Yes, send me a PM. I do not want to drag that into this thread.
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    Overland Explorer Expedition Cabin on 2020 Ford F350

    Marine fans are typically made to "hatch" sizes or require custom installation. Without knowing the size of the current opening, any specific product recommendations would be based purely on speculation. I do not know of a "take out a MaxxFan #245 and install Camframo Fan #594" type of solution...
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    Overland Explorer Expedition Cabin on 2020 Ford F350

    Pot the board on the MaxxFan and swap the junky OEM connector for a WeatherPack or Deutsch connector. This does not save the unsealed motor, however, which appears to be a known issue that is being ignored by the manufacturers. A better option is to buy marine/yacht grade fans that are made to...