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    Month Long Roadtrip - Texas to the West

    Wow! For a "plan B" I'd say you did well. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a great adventure.
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    Something Completely Different : BC 2020

    Great adventure and trip report. Thanks for taking us along!
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    Quick trip to the Devils River and a New Hood Ornament...

    Always good to see the LR3s out there!
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    Land Rovers Traversing Utah

    Hi TJ, yeah Utah is the best. It was great that this Utah Traverse trip allowed time for hiking slot canyons, exploring dinosaur tracks, etc. But we just went back for the long 4th weekend to hike the Barracks (Virgin River just outside Zion). Great 4WD trail to get to the river and then...
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    Land Rovers Traversing Utah

    Kind of old news, but I did a blog writeup of AZLRO Utah Traverse last May. Folks on this forum might be interested to see Land Rovers (and owners) having fun in Utah. -> Utah Traverse A few action shots:
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    Testing camping with an infant

    Great post. Gave me a little more appreciation for last weekend's camping trip with 3 generations of family. Glad we took our kids camping when they were young. Now we get to go with them and grandkids!
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    Utah Traverse 2020

    Hi Greg, yes it's the same Doug. Amazing how his trips always seem to turn out well :). I know he has organized and participated in trail leader training events, with Bill Burke and JIm West leading the training, so he's super qualified. But more so, he's a great guy who really enjoys the...
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    Utah Traverse 2020

    (Continued - ran into the photo limit I think) Route We traveled east to west across Utah, starting near Canyon of the Ancients on Colorado border and meandering across the southern part of the state. Without getting into a turn-by-turn route, here is a sample of the route. Morning at out...
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    Utah Traverse 2020

    I wonder where that trail goes? This lunch spot would be a great campsite. Let’s drop a GPS point in case we ever return. We’ve been looking at those mountains for the past 3 days; let’s explore there some day. Overland adventure can be addictive that way. The more you get out, the more you...
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    Lost Hitch Keys!! And what the biggest spare tire?

    265/65/18's for me, and I could get it in with compromise be/ deflation and brute force. I used to try to leave as much air as possible (approx 15 psi I recall). Since installing ARB compressor, I deflate more to make it easier.
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    Sycamore Canyon Flagstaff Arizona

    Thanks for the TR! We explored the area 6 or 7 yrs ago when we first got into this recreation. Great to bring back memories and to see you enjoying it!
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    LR3 Transmission service and Leak....

    Hi TJ, I re-inserted the images. Should display now. Thanks. I always laugh to think of that saying "Land Rover, making mechanics of owners for 76 years." I think I got the heat shield bolts with an open wrench - with maybe 5% revolution per pull on the couple problem ones. Aside from my...
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    LR3 Transmission service and Leak....

    In case it helps, I finished the job this weekend. A couple things went sideways, but that's to be expected for a novice mechanic :). All's well that ends well. I was concerned about the sleeve insertion and did some additional research. Found a document on the ZF that specified 3mm gap between...
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    LR3 Transmission service and Leak....

    Coincidence. I just ordered and received the kit with the 2-piece filter. I have the same small leak from the sleeve. I ended up ordering the parts from UK - good prices and quick delivery. (I like Bearmach best because they sponsor events in NA, but Advanced Factors had all the bits I needed...
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    How to Bleed a 4.4 Cooling System?

    I replaced hoses and coolant tank (and coolant) a yr or so ago. I found a good writeup on bleeding the system on the disco3 forum. As I recall it mentioned the secret black-arts of bleeding the 4.4. I followed the process and it's running fine 16 mo later.