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    Swing Out Tool Boxes Question

    I have cross bed boxes in two trucks and I prefer them to the swing cases. I have those same swing cases shown above in my Tundra with the 5.5' bed and they are OK in that situation, but they are smaller than they look. When they are folded against the bed sides, you cannot get into them...
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    RTTs on Fiberglass toppers.

    I used Yakima tracks, towers, and their heavy duty crossbars on a standard cab high Snug Top shell (not reinforced). I have carried as much as 1100 pounds of lumber on that setup with no damage other than bending the crossbars. Reinforced is better, but not really necessary for a RTT with two...
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    Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

    Drill a hole through the spade and run a steel braided cable through it if there is not a handle to loop through. OR, depending on the configuration of your rack, slide the shackle of a padlock through the spade. I have several padlocks on my truck (tool boxes, hitch pin, MaxTrax) all keyed...
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    Under the bed rail, on simple steel brackets cut from 3/16" angle. Minimal fab required, just cutting and drilling and a little paint. Easy to padlock through the eye bolt at the back.
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    4th Gen Ram AEV winch bumper on 3rd Gen Ram

    I have a 3G Power Wagon, so generally familiar with these trucks. Since yours appears to be a CTD, I'd look at the bumpers from ICI Magnum. When I needed a new bumper for my 2008 Tundra, I looked at everything out there and settled on the ICI because it was the cleanest fit and least...
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    Beatit G18 2000amp peak 12v portable jump starter?

    I have had similar experience with other jump packs. Solution has been to leave pack connected, go get a cup of coffee, then come back and crank it. That has worked on GM 5.7 gassers.
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    Christmas Came Early!

    If it does not already have hydro boost brakes, that might be the first significant mod to consider.
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    Ronny Dahl's Recovery Mat Torture Test

    I have used my Maxtrax a few times and no melting yet. If I do melt the studs, I plan to just drill them out and insert short nylon or aluminum bolts.
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    Anti-Solar - fact or fiction?

    It's real. I think Science Friday on NPR did on feature on it a couple of years ago. You can probably find the podcast of that episode.
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    Need new tires

    Been using BFG ATs on my K2500 for over 20 years and while they lasted great in the Midwest, they aren’t doing so well in the mountains due to the long, twisty mountain roads that just seem to wear them out very quickly. I have gone through several sets of Goodrich ATs in various persuasions...
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    Power tool batteries as power source?

    I think it's kind of a silly idea with a lot of unnecessary complexity. I had a Cherokee long ago and I think I'd rather fit something like a small Odyssey automotive battery somewhere so that I had backup starting capacity. If you must go with power tool batteries, I'd go with Ryobi for...
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    PSP/PAP vs Plastic?

    I have both and the ones that are always on the truck are the MaxTrax. Been on the roof for four or five years and UV does not seem to be a problem, even in southwest desert. If UV still worries you, just spray them with a coat of paint that bonds to plastic, same as used for PVC pipe that is...
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    Tire size question

    You should be able to easily run 33s on that truck with wheels that are close to factory offset and maybe a little wider than stock. You didn't tell us which aftermarket wheels are on it, so I wonder if those were installed by BP or by you. Rear might have been lower than the front because BP...
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    Besides MaxTraxx, what traction boards/mats do you use?

    I always carry a D-handle spade and a long handle hoe. Most of my offroad travel is in the desert, so the hoe is very handy for pulling sand out from under the truck or from around the tires. Also very handy in snow and mud.
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    2017 Tacoma AGM dual battery charging issues

    I tend to keep my old batteries unless they are completely toasted. They are handy for low-draw loads like testing landscape lighting and 12v pumps, and it's nice to have cores when the battery dealer wants to charge an extra $15 if you don't leave your old battery. My current maintenance...