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    Dead starting batteries and a high output alternator

    Where is the energy for the battery supplying the DC to DC charger coming from? In the end, all the power is coming from the alternator. Personally, I will avoid using the alternator to charge a dead battery if I can avoid it. I've had to replace many different types of alternators before...
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    Dead starting batteries and a high output alternator

    I admit I have used my alternator to charge my dead car batteries many times, but the last time I took an alternator to a rebuilder (an actual old school rebuilder and not just swapping for rebuilt) he told me that was the worst thing I could be doing. The internal wiring in most vehicles...
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    Fridge cover...yes or no?

    In term of efficiency, there is no downside to properly done insulation, but the effectiveness diminishes very rapidly. If you look at insulation vs thickness graph, more insulation is improvement, it's just a question of how much improvement are you getting vs. the cost and trouble of...
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    Gas can kill.

    If people wanted to exercise self preservation and thrift, this forum wouldn't exist :p
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    Fridge cover...yes or no?

    There was a thread where this topic was just discussed, I can't find it anymore and don't know what happened to it. IMO, a cover is useful in shading the fridge from sunlight, but in an enclosed space I think it's effectiveness is limited. I think better investment in time and money would be...
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    Super-simple 12v power source for fridge?

    That's basically the setup I have, with a few extra gizmos for convenience. I'm running off a group 35 starter battery (because I happened to have a spare one laying around) and although it works, I've killed the battery capacity in about a year from all the deep discharging. Still runs the...
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    Have you looked into rear facing car seats for your under fours?

    A rear backup camera zip tied to the headrest facing the child worked better for me than those mirrors. Cheap backup cameras are <$20 and give a much better view. I just disabled the IR LED's but you can probably get a camera without them.
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    I've looked at the tents on Alibaba and have followed numerous attempts at people trying to organize group buys on them. It seemed like a good deal at first, but once you start calculating the shipping and import costs, plus all the other associated costs, you're really not saving much. Maybe...
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    Solar controller placement

    Thanks. At some point I will be relocating the aux battery to the engine compartment so it will be connected in a standard switchable configuration through a 5 pin relay. But for now I have it stored in the cargo area because it gets used in multiple vehicles. In normal use I've never seen...
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    Solar controller placement

    Thanks. That's what I am trying to do, putting the controller in the same box as the house battery so it can be a self contained unit. Not too worried about the current side since it's only 100W panels and it'll probably never see more than 8A. However, since i only have one set of wires...
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    Solar controller placement

    This may be a basic question but I did a quick search of this forum but couldn't seem to find the answer. Can I run a solar controller off the main battery/alternator with a solar panel and have it charge my aux battery? Not at the same time, but if they were wired in with a switch is that...
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    Water container recs/stowage of them...

    I'm in Socal and camp in the deserts and I'm also looking at the 10L scepters for many of the same reasons Kerensky mentioned. Easier to handle, more options for storage, redundancy in case one leaks. I'd rather have 2 10L scepters stored upright side by side than a single 20L that i'd have to...
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    Experiences with running fridge off main car battery overnight for a few nights in a row?

    I've done it and you can make it work. You may have to give up some fridge space for frozen water bottles to make last all 4 days. I usually pre-freeze a layer of water bottles to about 0F a few days before the trip (must be solidly frozen). Then set the temp setting at it's lowest setting...
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    Everyone who's bought a RTT has thought the same thing, I know I did. I've always been one of those people who thought "I could do this myself" and then tried. I even went through the trouble of designing my own thinking I could probably build it cheaper. However anyone who's ever started a...