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    *OFF THE MARKET *Price drop-2018 Earth Cruiser EXP turbo diesel, Boulder, Co. $239,000! 10th Anniversary Edition *OFF THE MARKET*

    Is there anyway to tell at the pump if it is ULSD? Any place in particular to restrict fueling? (ex Pemex stations only). And to confirm, you went all over mainland mexico (north and south) in a Non-delete, DEF and DPF Fuso? I am in Northern Mexico in my Fuso, going South toward Yucatan..and...
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    Mexican insurance for Fuso

    It is already sorted out. Lewis & Lewis insured me.
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    Mexican insurance for Fuso

    I got insured with Lewis & Lewis. No fuss, no issues.
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    Mexican insurance for Fuso

    I think is more the issue of an insurer who doesn’t deal in unusual or custom. If it isn’t in the drop down menu, they don’t insure it.
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    Mexican insurance for Fuso

    I am a Canadian with a 2014 Mitsubishi Fuso 4X4 and a DIY camper on it. I am trying to insure it to cross into Mexico for a 3 month period. A local RV specialised insurance company that does brokering for Mexican insurance companies tell me my truck cannot be insured with any of their providers...
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    SOLD ***Price Drop: 17500$USD***A one of a kind Ford F150 Raptor!

    He is referring to the rust on the rocker panels. It is a Canadian truck, not a pristine rust free Arizonian truck.
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    SOLD ***Price Drop: 17500$USD***A one of a kind Ford F150 Raptor!

    This unique Raptor is fitted with a custom made back storage. The Line-X covered aluminum box makes access to the storage quick and easy thanks to it's Amdor Roll Up doors. The truck is fitted with Addictive Desert Design front bumber and rock sliders. As can be seen in the pictures, the truck...
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    Adjusting the spring on an FG cab lift mechanism

    Because it is under tension when the cab is closed.
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    Ford Sale: 2011 Ford Raptor With custom expedition box.

    I am selling my 2011 Ford Raptor. It is registered in Montreal, Canada. 155000km / 96000miles The truck has fatefully served me since 2012. A smooth platform for back country travels thanks to the Raptor IFS system, and extremely comfortable for long days of driving on or off highway. The truck...
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    Almost Zero 2012-2015 FG140's for sale

    I came looking for info, as I just got off the phone with a Mitsubishi dealer who called me, offering to buy back my 2013 Fuso, in exchange for a new 2017-2018 at a very low price. Too many problems. They also lost a class action suit for 17millions in the US recently, and one is brewing in...
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    Buy or hire fg camper in canada

    I messaged you in private.
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    2012 Fuso OBD II scanguage and Stienbauer module.

    Let me know, I have someone nearby ready to deliver it. If your issues are solved, I might still get it. Thanks
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    2012 Fuso OBD II scanguage and Stienbauer module.

    Is your Fuso fitted with the DPF system with DEF injection? Any warning caused by the Steinbauer?