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    Truck or SUV?

    I actually call mine "the Truckling", short for "Ugly Truckling" due to the way it looked when I first brought it home... It looks much nicer now...
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    1975 Pinzgauer 710m for 12k

    Beautiful! Still for sale?
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    Door seal replacement Works just fine (on a '86 300GD, anyway) at a fraction of the cost...25ft is more than enough for two doors.
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    Does anyone drive a LJ77?

    I'm looking at a couple of these...sounds capable but what's it like on the highway? Cruising speed, towing capacity and such? I'm grateful for any input.
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    2004 Toyota Tundra 4X4 SR5 TRD Offroad Pop top camper SOLD!

    Thanks! I had just added older Tundras to my list and wasn't caught up on all the specifics yet. Otherwise, this would be perfect for me...
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    Looking at trucks: opinions on T100 and other in that price range...

    Thanks, everyone, great responses. I've already got an FJ60, don't need to look at another wagon--need an open bed for lumber and whatnot. It won't be an expedition vehicle most weeks! Towing the bobcat is not such a necessity (but the land cruiser can handle the small one).
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    Looking at trucks: opinions on T100 and other in that price range...

    Do you love your T100? Is it reliable, easy to own? I don't need a big truck, but it's got to be something that my wife can just go drive when she needs the room (the FJ60 has never been to that point, for her at least). How would you compare it to a Taco, Frontier, or (shiver) Ranger? I'm only...
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    Mercedes diesel conversion

    Big bump... Anyone use one of these kits (if they exist?) in a real build in an FJ60 yet?