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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Are the Mekuwa windows DOT certified? Are they gas filled, or air filled?
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    I think that looking at the thermal transmission numbers is probably a better measure than R value. Glass is a poor choice if insulating value is a concern. Acrylic is 4x to 5x lower thermal transmission than glass. Even one pane of acrylic will beat any glass scheme you can come up with...
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    Antenna mounting center of hood?

    So I'm looking at installing a CB on a truck with a fiberglass cabover. I've read everything I can find about antenna placement, and basically the answer is: there is no good place. From a purely functional standpoint, the only ground plane available is the hood of the truck. Second best...
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    Why aren't more tacoma owners up in arms about their trucks?

    I for one am thankful for the OPs effort to make this a topic of discussion. I've put a ton of money and work into my 2nd gen Tacoma to make it offroad worthy. I do believe that all the TRD OFFROAD stuff is nonsense designed for marketing to urban buyers looking for an image. There is very...
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Fair enough, but the link you posted would NOT be helpful. Dometic window division (Seitz) does not support the North American market. You will get nothing but stone walling. There is zero support for their window products here either. A truly helpful link is this one:
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Yea, thanks for the sales pitch, but no thanks. The problems with Dometic windows supply, service, and quality,...... are well enough known.
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Seitz is the window division of Dometic
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    2011 Subaru Outback Overland Build

    NIce build. Any new pics? The Subarus have become more urbanized over the years. Gone are the high/low range and adjustable ride height, but the car remains pretty capable. It's too bad that the brand is not better supported in the aftermarket. Luckily the rally guys have produced some good...
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    Custom truck camper, let's talk materials

    A properly designed aluminum structure should match the strength and resilience of steel at no more than 50% of the weight of steel. Usually people way over build aluminum to gain strength at the joints. Take a look at aluminum framed bicycles, and you will see that the tubes are very light...
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    School me on Casita

    The Scamp and Casita are great for gravel roads and occasional rutted roads. They won't rattle apart like conventional trailers. The torsion axle is much better in those circumstances than a straight, leaf spring axle. Definitely upgrade to 14" wheels and tires. Neither has a double shell...
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    2009 Chevy Medium Duty 4x4 Kodiak Ambulance conversion

    Thanks for the intel on the windows! In my searches around, I haven't found any other window manufacturer who offers any solution at all for people with thick walls. Whatever solution we devise, and risk we take, is completely on us. It's nice that Tern is at least attempting to recognize our...
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    Determining rear shock length

    If you rarely reach the limits of your shocks, ie: it's street driven truck, it won't matter much. If you do 4-wheel the truck, you should pick the best shocks and then install both appropriate bump stops and limiting straps. I never take anyone's word for the length of shock I need. Even...
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    It ain't a Motel it's a Notel!

    Thanks for sharing that Mike. There are tens of thousands of homeless people in the US now, living in their cars. The number could easily be hundreds of thousands, since they are mostly invisible. A set-up like this could work well for them. I have built very similar set-ups for small cars...
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    255/85R16 ST/Maxx dilemma

    I've logged a ton of ice miles, and I would definitely sipe them if I bought them. Les Schwab used to sipe mine, but I don't live in "Les Schwab Country" anymore. I'll be buying a siping tool soon. I'm interested to hear about noise, ride, and overall handling.