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    Timbren axle less suspension question for M416

    Did you go forward with this setup Ray? I'm considering the 2000HD with a 4" lift spindle for my M101CDN, seems like it would suit the trailer and my uses perfectly.
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    scepter military fuel cans mfc's diesel or gas new

    You can get them at any Princess Auto across Canada.
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    Blue Sea 7622 - Winch Battery?

    Thanks, I appreciate the detailed response. I think I'll just wire up everything but the winch and see what will work best for me at that point. The cable runs to the winch are 1/0; 8274 is a bit of a current hog.
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    Not enjoying my 80-Series; did I make the wrong choice?

    I have a 1991 HDJ81 much like yours, my dad has a 1994 Range Rover Classic with a 5.0 TVR V8. Both vehicles are in excellent mechanical condition. The RR is the better truck to drive in all situations, no doubt about it. The suspension is better, the trans is better, and it has significantly...
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    Blue Sea 7622 - Winch Battery?

    I'm having trouble coming up with a scenario that would result in the winch slowly drawing down the battery. It uses an Albright contactor and will soon be switched with a Blue Sea solenoid for extra safety. That said, it's certainly something to think about. I know that with the IBS system...
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    Blue Sea 7622 - Winch Battery?

    Hey, I'm midway through installing a Blue Sea 7622 in my 80-Series. 2/0 cable throughout, both batteries located in the engine bay. Will it make any kind of material difference if I connect my winch to one battery or the other? My initial thought is that it would be best connected to the...
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    80-Series (HDJ81) Dual Battery System

    Yes, in it's original state the batteries needed to be identical. Now, with the starter converted to 12V, there is nothing 24V left on the truck (HDJ81's only had 24V starters, the rest of the truck was all 12V).
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    80-Series (HDJ81) Dual Battery System

    I'm nearing the end of this installation, so I thought I'd throw together a quick write-up for anyone interested. This whole project came about because the original 4.5kw, 24V starter in my truck shorted out earlier this year, killing both batteries and leaving me stranded. I wasn't going to...
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    Who wants to own a 70's Series Cruiser that isn't 25 Years Old????

    Or a 15yr old truck from Japan with less than 50k miles. Some of the trucks that come into Canada from Japan are amazingly clean...almost new.
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    On-Board Heat Source (Stationary)

    I think I would opt for a Webasto or Espar forced air heater purely because they can be run off the vehicle's gas or diesel instead of propane and both use heat exchangers. YMMV.
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    More proof that Jeep is the leader in 4x4 overland vehicles

    There was a time when I would defend my Jeep in threads like this, in comparisons to Land Cruisers, etc. That has changed. A few years ago I was starting to get tired of using my Jeep as a daily driver so after a little research I bought my HDJ81. Only time I've driven my Jeep since then was...
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    More proof that Jeep is the leader in 4x4 overland vehicles

    You are embarrassing yourself. It's annoying. Please stop posting.
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    2003 Lexus LX470 "Overlander" built

    Cool to see this on here, I've been subscribed to your YouTube channel for some time. Truck looks great. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
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    Latest Photo?

    Terrible cell phone zoom pictures.
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    1986 bj70 value

    Canadian spec BJ70 is LHD and worth considerably more than an imported BJ71/74 if all other things are equal. LJ71 is a Prado and a completely different vehicle.