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    This would make a mighty fine camper

    I love solar on vehicles and have had systems on our campers for over 30 years...Anyone remember ARCO panels? Our current system has 1200 watts and Battleborn lithium batteries, with Victron controllers, and it works fantastic, But... When camping in trees and canyons, or bad weather, shade of...
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    2021 F150 Raptor... optional 37's and optional V8 coming...

    When more and more boneheads do more and more stupid acts, Public Policy is to close more and more public lands! I equate the situation to when Jet Ski's went from single rider stand ups that took skill and practice to ride - There were fewer and more experienced operators. Then sit downs came...
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    Ram Powerwagon vs Chevy Colorado vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs Suzuki Samurai for Snow?

    I'm not a snow expert, but have quite a bit of experience driving in it and moving it. For fresh deep snow, I agree with tall and wide tires, and lower pressure helps a lot. But I also use chains. For paved roads in my truck, I have good 275/65-18 At tires, and just drove about 125 miles on...
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    How to ID F150 max payload package?

    Don't forget to include the trucks payload in calculations. This article describes many towing vehicles, terms and calculations - One does not want to get caught outside the limits...
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    How to ID F150 max payload package?

    That trailer may also be illegal load to tow with any 1/2 ton PU. Why? Many LE agency's, and insurance companies, look at the GVW rating of the trailer to determine the load, not the actual weight of the trailer. Most trailer manufacturers only add a third axle if they really need one, not for...
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    Opinions on Pirelli Pista?

    The size difference is almost impossible to discern without actually measuring an actual tire. The same size tires from different manufactures always vary. A concern with the Pirelli's for me would be the 16 ply rating. That is likely a very stiff tire, and a much higher load rating than you...
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    TIRES vs MPG

    Found them - 742S, but not available in US.
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    TIRES vs MPG

    BB, Can you post the specific model of the Yokohama 7.50R16's, or a sidewall picture? I can't find that tire on their site.
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    California Legal Engine Swaps

    FYI - On one of the major LandCruiser sites - IH8MUD, a vendor who has done dozens of the E-Rod swaps stated that CA no longer allows these swaps! I had also read, that GM stopped making the smog legal E-Rod swap kits. Out of state registration was mentioned earlier, but that has issues also...
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    Replacing Club Wagon Windows, Need Advice!

    FYI - Sliding door window screen -
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    Replacing Club Wagon Windows, Need Advice!

    Install what ever you decide on on the interior. Do not draw more attention with exterior security. Look at commercial van upfitters for parts and ideas.
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    Gas can kill.

    To paraphrase an old racing line: "The only time you have too much gas is when you're on fire!"
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    Rusty, bent and missing pieces, on a rare, and for sure over priced vehicle that appears to be listed by a notorious scammer. What's so bad about that???
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    Aluminum cabinets

    Nice work and great look!
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    Is the Ranger the Hilux we've been wanting?

    I drive a 2016 F150 Extra cab 4X4 with a 5.0/6spd auto, and we travel every 2 weeks to our house in Gardnerville NV, a distance of 441 miles door to door. The truck averages 17.5- 18.5 mpg Northbound, and 18.5 - 20 mpg Southbound. Difference is due to more climbs on 395 Northbound. It also has a...